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7 Up 7 Down is a simple dice game that provides only three basic betting options. There are few dice games available at Indian online casinos and so this makes it an interesting option. Stay with us as we explain how to play the game in our 7 Up 7 Down guide. We will also uncover playing tips and highlight the important issues surrounding the legal side of the game. So, let’s get started with a summary of what you can expect when playing 7 Up 7 Down.

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What is 7 Up 7 Down?

The main aim of 7 Up 7 Down is to correctly predict the total number of two standard game dice. You only need to add the two numbers that are showing face up after the dice are shaken in the glass jar. You can bet on three options which are known as 7 Down, Lucky 7, and 7 Up. We have all the main details on these bets later on in the guide.

Did you know that the opposites sides of a standard dice always add up to seven? We will show you how many possibilities there are when trying to land a Lucky 7 bet. But for now, we will carry on with the betting process of the 7 Up 7 Down casino game.

The game starts with the player putting their money down on one or more of the betting options. Most games will have a time limit on the betting stage and so there will come a point when no more bets are accepted. You should always have plenty of time due to the simple betting system, but it is useful to know about the limit when playing for the first time. 

The online game is only usually played with one person against the dealer. However, you will find some games at real casinos where multiple players can sit around the table at any one time.

Lucky 7 is a live casino game from Ezugi and it has similar rules to the 7 Up 7 Down dice game. The main difference is that Lucky 7 makes use of playing cards instead of the two dice. It also has some additional side bets that you can make such as predicting the colour of the cards or the odd/even numbers.

Is 7 Up 7 Down Legal in India?

Yes, the game 7 Up 7 Down is legal to play across most of India, but there are one or two states where it is still illegal. States such as Assam and Orissa have not yet updated the laws surrounding The Public Gambling Act 1867. The same goes for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where online gambling is completely banned. Each state is likely to provide a slightly different set of laws to the next, so we recommend that you check your local rules before playing. More and more states are starting to relax their laws though and so games like 7 Up 7 Down will become more accessible as the years go by.

How to Play 7 Up 7 Down

The 7 Up 7 Down dice game rules follow a simple flow and it will not take long for you to understand how to play. Let us first explain what the game table looks like and the different components in front of you when playing the game.

The table is often a blue colour and the betting options are spread out across the front. The glass jar holding the two dice can be found in the center or the top right-hand corner of the table. The jar often has a cover over the top so that you cannot see the two dice values until the jar has been shaken and the cover removed. This adds an extra level of excitement to the game for all the players involved. 

Below we have listed the three betting options that you can choose from at the start of each betting round:

  • Lucky 7 – The two dice numbers add up to exactly seven.
  • 7 Up – The two dice numbers add up to a total over 7.
  • 7 Down – The two dice numbers add up to a total under 7.

Take note that if one or both of the dice end up “cocked” then the dice will be thrown again. The phrase “cocked” means that the dice ends up on its side or leaning up against the sidewall of the glass jar. In summary, the two numbers need to be facing directly upwards on the dice for any winning bets to be paid out.

Knowing which of the numbers gives you a winning Lucky 7 bet is useful. So, we have listed them below along with the official 7 Up 7 Down payouts in our easy-to-view chart:

Lucky 74:1 (sometimes 3:1)
7 Up1:1
7 Down1:1

Take note that the odds are strongly in favour of the house when playing 7 Up 7 Down. The house edge is calculated at 16.67%, however, this is increased to 33.33% when the game offers the smaller 3:1 payout on the winning Lucky 7 bets. In summary, there are six possible winning rolls out of a total of 36. The winning rolls are listed below:

  1. 1 & 6
  2. 2 & 5
  3. 3 & 4
  4. 4 & 3
  5. 5 & 2
  6. 6 & 1

7 Up 7 Down strategy guide

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The nature of the 7 Up 7 Down dice game means that the Martingale strategy is the best option if you want to follow a specific betting system. It follows the pattern of doubling your bet amount with every losing bet. So, you start with 100 INR and if you lose that bet then your next bet would be 200 INR. Take note that you would need 3,200 INR if you lost six bets in a row.

The idea is that you will gain back what you lost when you win, as well as hoping that you can hit a winning streak at some point and make a profit. This strategy does not guarantee that you always make a profit though. You will also need a big bankroll to play through losing streaks. Therefore, we suggest that you keep to a betting limit that fits your budget and walk away when you make a profit.

One important tip to remember is the payout for the Lucky 7 bet. Some 7 Up 7 Down games only payout 3:1 and so you should avoid these whenever possible. Only play on the games that offer you 4:1 on the Lucky 7 bet. The house edge is a lot more positive at 16.67% than the 33.33% house edge when the 3:1 payout is in place.

Playing on mobile

Playing on 7 Up 7 Down on mobile is a great option for those of you who play on the go. Most of the top online casinos now provide a professional app that you can download from the App Store and Google Play Store. Take note that some apps are available directly from the casino site.

Make sure that you have enough mobile data if you are playing the game outside of your home and Wi-Fi area. Streaming the game will take up a lot of data, so be sure that you can afford the costs. Otherwise, playing via Wi-Fi will always be your safest option.


Can I play online 7 up 7 down for money or for free? 

Many of the top casinos provide practice versions of their games. It is worth checking with your casino to see if the free 7 Up 7 Down game is available. Betway is a good example of a casino that offers free games.

Where to play 7 up 7 down online?

The 7 Up 7 Down game is not widely available and you won’t find it at every casino.

Is online 7 up 7 down fair?

The house edge for 7 Up 7 Down is 16.67% and so there are other casino games available to play that give players a better chance of winning. The game can be considered fair if you accept that you can both win and lose when you play.

How to win online 7 up 7 down? 

The game is completely random, so there is no guaranteed way to win every time you play. The best strategy is to bet on one of the Up or Down bets along with the Lucky 7 bet. This means that you will have two of the three possible outcomes covered.

What are some games like 7 up 7 down?

Lucky 7 is a live casino game from Ezugi and it has similar rules to the 7 Up 7 Down dice game. The main difference is that Lucky 7 makes use of playing cards instead of the two dice. It also has some additional side bets that you can make such as predicting the colour of the cards or the odd/even numbers.

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