Blackjack Online Guide

Blackjack is one of the worlds most famous casino games. This simple, yet exhilarating card game has been offering high-level entertaining ever since it was first introduced on casinos in 18th century France.

Below, we will take a closer look at blackjack online, how to play and which rules you need to be aware of. We also list some of the best blackjack casinos for Indian players.

Best Blackjack Casinos Online in India (Jun, 2024)

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What is Online Blackjack?

Online blackjack is played in a live studio where you interact with the live dealer from your desktop or mobile device. Unlike land-based casinos, you don’t need to commute to a land-based casino to enjoy some blackjack action. As you probably know already, blackjack is played at an online casino where you sign-up and take a seat at the blackjack tables. The online blackjack tables will often be found under the Live Casino category.

How to Play Blackjack Online

When entering an online blackjack table from the lobby interface, you will first notice a classy setting with slight background noise. Hopefully, you will see a seat with a TAKE SEAT sign. If this is your first time playing, you should beforehand be familiar with the rules of blackjack. If the round is ongoing, you will need to wait until the next round starts. When the new round starts, you can place your chips next to your seat.

The live dealer will then deal you and the other players 2 cards each. The dealer deals himself with 1 face-up card and 1 face-down card while the players will choose. When all players are done with their choices, he will turn his face down card, and if he has a hand value of 16 or under, he has to take an additional card. If he goes over 21, he busts. In the section below, we will tell you all you need to know about the common terms: hit, stand, split, double down, and insurance bets.

Learn to Play Blackjack Online

pack of cards for playing blackjack

Blackjack is a fascinating casino game that tests your decision-making skills. In online blackjack, you play against a dealer, live-streamed via your android or iOS device. With the dealer, you will compete to have the best hand. 21 is the hand value that you should aim for. However, if you exceed it, you will bust and therefore lose the round.

Compared to other casino games online, you can increase your winning odds, given that you make the correct decisions. In fact, if you follow a blackjack strategy, you will increase the RTP to 99%. This makes online blackjack the game with the smallest house edge. In our section below, our blackjack experts will tell you everything worth knowing for a grand experience!


The most important decisions in blackjack are Hit and Stand. Your choice should always be based on information from the current blackjack round.

When playing blackjack online, choosing Hit means that you will ask for another card. You can ask for another card until you are ready to stand.

If your hand exceeds 21, you will bust and lose the round. There is one critical reason why you should hit in the game: to improve your hand value.


A split decision in blackjack can be made when you have two cards of the same value. If you choose to split your cards, you will end up with two separate hands.

Since two separate hands are made, you will automatically double your bet. Now, there are different situations where you want to use the split option. Generally, it would be best if you split when you have double 8s or double aces.

This is one of the decisions in blackjack, along with doubling down that really can minimize the house edge in blackjack online.


The stand is your decision if you no longer require additional cards. If you decide to stand, you won’t receive any more cards and therefore have a complete hand.

There are two general reasons why you will stand in online blackjack. One good rules in blackjack are always to stand when you have 17 or more. The other reason to always stand is if the dealer face-up card is a 6 or below, and your hand is a total of or 13 more.

Double Down

The double down bet is along with the splitting decision, the option that will double your initial bet. So why would you want to double your bet?

The reason for doubling your bet should always be based on your hand and the live dealer’s hand. It would be best if you always used the double-down bet when your hand is 10 or 11. An exception is when the dealer has an Ace as a face-up card.


Insurance is one of the most common side bets in blackjack. You can choose the insurance bet side bet when the dealer gets an ace as face-up card. Depending on the expected value of the face-down card, you can take insurance. If the live dealer ends up having a ten or a picture card, the player will still win even money if he loses.

Quick Blackjack School

  • Always stand on 17
  • The best hand is called blackjack and is the cards valued 10 (10, jack, queen, king) and an ace. When getting a blackjack you win 2.5x your bet, compared to 2x when you win with a normal hand
  • Your goal is to get 21. You will always be dealt 2 cards, the values of which will be added. For example, if you get an 8 and 10 the value is 18. Ace is worth 1 or 11
  • If you have a 9 and an ace the value is either 10 or 20. In this case you should stand as you are very close to 20 and are most likely to win

How to get started with Online Blackjack

If you’ve just started learning how to play online Blackjack, you should start by playing free versions of the game. Most online casinos in India let you play a demo version of their Blackjack games where you experience the real game without spending any money. 

These casinos would normally also include the rules of the game and images of winning hands. It’s a good idea to keep these open as you play so you can check them if you’ve got any doubts. You should also keep our Blackjack strategies open so that you can play with the highest probability of a win or tie.

Once you feel confident playing online Blackjack for free you should move on to low-stake tables. Top Blackjack casinos in India offer games with low minimums around ₹100 or less. Take time to experiment with different strategies and side bets before moving on to higher-stakes tables.

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Different Types of Blackjack

There are different variants of the card game available online. Sometimes, the kind of games you play will depend on the casino you choose. In most online casinos, you will be presented with Classic Blackjack and European Blackjack. And if you try out the game in leading casinos with a live casino platform, you can also count on a live casino blackjack and high-limit VIP tables.

Listed below are some of the popular variants of this classic card game. Consider checking out the descriptions of each game before you attempt to play the game in real money mode.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a relatively new addition to the growing portfolio of online casinos. This game was invented by Geoff Hall and earned a patent in 2009. Compared to the traditional game, the Switch features two hands that are dealt.

In this version of the game, you are allowed to “switch” the top two cards between the two hands. In terms of payout, a natural blackjack pays 1 to 1 instead of the usual 3 to 2.

This game is also known for a side bet called ‘Super Match’. This side bet will reward three-of-a-kind, pairs, two-pairs or a four-of-a-kind. If you are playing in a 6-deck game, a pair will earn you a payout of 1 to 1. If you have a three-of-a-kind, the payout is scheduled at 5 to 1. And if you can collect a four of a kind, you will end up with a 40 to 1 payout.

European Blackjack

This is the version of the card game that is played using two decks of cards. Just like the classic version, European Blackjack is also known for a number of standard rules including the use of a smaller number of cards and the dealer being allowed to stand on a soft 17.

The game also comes with a special rule wherein the dealer is not allowed to check for blackjack. Aside from the inability of the dealer to check for a blackjack, this version allows the player to double down if they have a hand total of 9, 10 or 11.

Also, this version of the game allows you to split once. In terms of payout, a blackjack in this version of the card game pays out 3 to 2.

Single Deck

As the name suggests, the Single Deck Blackjack will only use a single deck of playing cards. The deck is shuffled at the end of every round. Here, a blackjack pays 3 to 2 and the player is given a chance to split the hand up to three times.

For many players, this is the most favorable version of blackjack since players are given the chance to boost their bankroll. As a standard rule, games that are played with a few decks of cards will feature a lower house edge.

In the Single Deck version of the game, the casino edge is calculated at roughly 0.15%. Also, this type of game is very helpful for those who are strategic or knows a thing or two about card counting when playing in brick and mortar casinos.

Classic Blackjack

This is considered the most popular variant of the game online. The main objective here is to get a score close to 21 but not going over it. This is different from other variants due to a number of unique rules of the game.

For example, this game will use 2 to 4 decks of cards and the dealer is allowed to hit a soft 17. Also, participants to this game are allowed to double and split.

Progressive Blackjack

Just like other variants of the game, the Progressive Blackjack will follow the basic standards of the game. If you participate in this game, you will need to make a decision whether to hit, double, or stand. The decision is also based on the hand and the value of the dealer’s card. If the player is given two cards of the same value, he is also allowed to split the hand. In this variant of the game, players will earn a payout of 3 to 1 for a blackjack and the dealer will draw with a hand value of 16. The dealer is also expected to stand using 17s.

What makes the progressive version different from the rest is the presence of a progressive jackpot. In online casino play, a progressive jackpot refers to that prize money that continues to grow if this is not won. In order to make a play for the progressive jackpot, you need to place a side bet on top of the original bet. In most cases, online casinos will require a minimum value for the side bet and it normally starts at $1. The wager that you put in the side bet will be contributed directly to the jackpot pool.

casino chips to bet on blackjack

Thanks to its widespread popularity, the game of blackjack is now available in different forms and variants. Some of the popular variants of the game are the Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Progressive, and Single Deck. These games may vary in terms of specific rules and gameplay but the main objective of the game remains the same. To win the game, you need to achieve the magic number of ‘21’ and hope that the dealer does not get the same value. The decisions to be made in the game are also the same- you can hit, stand, or split depending on the cards.

Whatever type of game that you play, it’s always best that you base your decision on the available information presented by the dealer and the table. Never gamble without considering the strength of the cards or the availability of the budget. If your budget cannot sustain a few rounds, what you can do is to play online blackjack for free first.

Blackjack vs Blackjack online

Even though the rules of the game are the same (depending on which type of blackjack you are playing, of course), there are some big differences between online blackjack and regular blackjack. Below, we will walk you through some of the main ones.

Regular blackjack

  • Pros: The gambling experience is usually better at a real casino since you can communicate with dealers as well as other participants. Besides the social part, regular blackjack allows you to count cards (if you prefer to use that strategy), which is not possible in online blackjack. 
  • Cons: Besides dressing up and actually heading to the casino, you need to consider the casinos opening hours. Also, in real blackjack, you can’t practice for free or use bonus offers to increase your payroll. 

Blackjack online

  • Pros: Online blackjack is available whenever and wherever, no matter if you gamble through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Also, the range of blackjack versions is far bigger online than it is on regular casinos and you are free to use which tactic you want. Lastly, most casinos offer generous casino bonuses to both new and loyal players. 
  • Cons: As mentioned above, you are not able to count cards while playing blackjack online. 

Blackjack Odds

Blackjack may be a simple game when it comes to rules, but the truth is that you can affect the outcome tremendously by making mathematical decisions. To master the game, you need to be aware of the odds of every situation and make your decisions accordingly.

In most card games, the house always has an advantage and blackjack is no exception. The reason for this is because the player needs to act first. At start, the house advantage is as high as 8% but by using the basic strategy, you can decrease the advantage to as little as 0,2%.

Your advantage as a player is that you can make different moves to optimize the outcome of the round and increase your own odds. Below, we will take a closer look at some of your alternatives.

Ace card
  • 2.5 win: When you get blackjack, you will receive a payout of 2,5x your bet, unless the dealer also gets blackjack. In that case, you will only get your bet back. 
  • Draw or stop: You can draw or stop at any time, while the dealer always has to draw all card combinations up to 17.
  • Double: If the moment is right, you can choose to double your bet to increase your chances of winning big. 
  • Split: It’s always a good idea to split a pair to improve and benefit from weak hands. 
  • Surrender: In some versions of blackjack, you have the possibility to surrender your first hand and get half of your bet back. 

Chances to win and bust

It’s a good idea to be aware of blackjack odds and probabilities in order to become a good player. Let’s walk you through the probabilities of getting a busted hand after drawing a new card to your starting hand.

Hand ValueProbability
11 – And everything below0

The table below shows that the probability of getting bust increases if your cards have higher values. This might seem obvious, but being aware of the odds can make a big difference, especially when observing the dealer. However, the probability of the dealer getting busted might vary depending on if he needs to stay or draw a new card on a soft 17.

Dealers Hand Value% by stopping on 17% by pulling on 17

Focusing on the dealer’s hand is just as important as focusing on your own. Both you and the dealer might have a weak starting hand, which increases the probability of the dealer getting bust. Before you make a decision to, for example, draw a new card when your value is 12, let the dealer’s cards guide you.

FAQs about Blackjack

Where to play blackjack online for real money in India?

Today, most online casinos offer blackjack online, both computerized and live versions. To make it easier for you to find a suitable casino, we have put together a list of all the best online casinos for blackjack in India. Our personal favourite at the moment is Genesis Casino.

Are online blackjack games rigged?

As long as you are playing on a serious online casino, operated by a regulated gambling company with a valid license, you don’t need to worry about the games being rigged. All casinos recommended by us are regulated and completely safe for you to use.

How does online blackjack work?

Online blackjack works the same way as regular blackjack at physical casinos – you play against a dealer with the objective to get as close to 21 as possible. To increase your chances of winning, you can use certain tactics (such as counting cards) or plan your bets by being aware of the mathematical odds.
Today, there are many different versions of online blackjack to explore. Live blackjack being one of the most popular since you get to play against a real live dealer.

Can online blackjack be trusted?

Yes, you can trust online blackjack just as much as you can trust any other online casino game. As long as the casino is operated by a serious company, there is no need to worry. However, if you still feel unsure, we would recommend you to check out live blackjack in the live casino.

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