Keno Guide

Keno is a simple game based on lottery rules. It requires the player to pick one or several numbers within each betting round. Keno is one of the easiest games to play in the whole casino and it is also one of the most popular.

Our playing guide will explain the rules and show you how to make the most of your Keno bets. So, let’s get started as we look into the basic rules and the main goals of the game. 

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What is Keno?

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Keno provides players with a simple casino experience that does not require any technical strategy. It doesn’t take weeks or months to learn advanced playing charts and advanced tricks, either. So, this makes the keno lottery a huge favorite amongst both casual and experienced casino players.

The basis of the game is very similar to a traditional lottery and it consists of picking a selection of numbers between 1-80. You then hope to match your chosen numbers with the 20 numbered balls that get drawn from the keno machine. The more numbers that you match, the more money you can win.

The typical house edge is calculated at around 30%, but this can vary from casino to casino so it does pay to shop around. We have seen the house edge drop down to 4% and rise to as high as 35%, which then makes it one of the biggest house edge percentages in the casino.

It all depends on the minimum keno number rule and we will explain this a little further down the page. Progressive Keno is one of the versions of the game that we recommend you try and play, if possible. Some of the jackpots can reach huge amounts and this makes betting on the game much more worthwhile when you take the house edge into consideration.

Flexible Game Rules

The flexibility of keno is often cited as one of the biggest plus points of the game. You can choose a small collection of numbers that offers a bigger chance of winning. Or you can aim for the bigger payouts and pick a larger collection of numbers to try and match.

The choice of video keno and live keno also gives the player a flexible way of playing the game. You can play through just under 20 rounds per minute in the video version, whereas you would only reach around one game every 10 minutes in the live version. 

It all comes down to your expectations of the game and the overall experience that you are looking for. Keno lottery is all about luck and you can choose to play through multiple games per minute to try and pick up as many wins as possible. Or perhaps you just want to sit back and enjoy the experience and atmosphere of the slow-paced live keno game.

How do you play Keno?

We gave you a quick example of how keno is played in the section above and so now we want to break each of the stages down in detail. We will then explain all the variations of the game, the different types of bets, and show you what a Keno Spot is.

But first, let’s look at the rules and betting stages in our step-by-step keno playing guide:

  1. Choose how much you want to bet using the “bet cost” buttons. 
  2. Pick your numbers that are often anywhere between 1 and 20 numbers.
  3. Some Keno games allow you to choose how many games you want to play via an auto-bet feature. This will affect your total bet cost, so be sure to check this before confirming your bets.
  4. The Keno numbers will then be drawn which is usually 20 in total. Any numbers that match yours will be marked off with an “X”.
  5. Payouts in relation to any matching numbers will be credited to your bankroll to bet with again or you can choose to withdraw your winnings.

What is a Keno Spot? 

A Keno Spot is the official phrase for a number.

Landing a “10 Spot” in a keno game would mean that you pick and match 10 numbers. In other words, keno numbers are also known as keno spots.

Keno Variations

Keno is a popular game and so many of the software studios have been busy designing various versions of the game to keep players entertained. We have listed a few of these below for you to search and play. Some of these are video based which means you can play on your own and in your own time. Others such as Live Dealer Keno is played in real-time and offers an experience similar to playing at a real casino.

  • Video Keno
  • Live Dealer Keno
  • Monkey Keno
  • Keno Blast
  • Kenotronic
  • Keno Lab
  • Keno Deluxe
  • Jackpot Keno
  • Progressive Keno
  • Disco Keno
  • Video Keno
  • Live Dealer Keno
  • Monkey Keno
  • Keno Blast
  • Kenotronic
  • Keno Lab
  • Keno Deluxe
  • Jackpot Keno
  • Progressive Keno
  • Disco Keno

Different Keno Bets

You have several options when placing your bets on Keno and we have a list of them below for you to read through. We will start with the most simple of bets, the Straight Ticket, as this is the one that most players will try first when playing at their preferred online casino in India.

Straight Ticket Bet

Choose one or several numbers on your ticket.

Combination Ticket Bet

The combination bet will give you multiple ways of winning through a combination of straight bets.

Split Ticket Bet

A split ticket lets you play two or more Keno games on one card. Two groups of numbers are chosen and these are then split and divided with a circle or line.

Way Ticket Bet

The way ticket is slightly more complex and allows you to make multiple bets via combinations of numbers.

King Ticket Bet

A king number is chosen and if the number is drawn then you can win big. This bet is similar to the way and split tickets above.

Quick Pick Bet

Players who want to make a quick bet can let the computer choose a group of random numbers for them.

Keno Payouts

Below you will find our keno payout chart. This shows you exactly what you can expect in terms of payouts and the likelihood of winning each bet. Each payout is based on a 100 INR wager per game. The game rules are based on 80 numbers in total with players being able to pick out 10 numbers, or 10 Keno Spots as we now know them by.

Numbers PickedNumbers MatchedPayout (for every 100 INR played)Odds*
11₹2001 in 4
22₹1001 in 17
33₹2,5001 in 73
2₹2001 in 8
44₹5,0001 in 327
3₹5001 in 24
2₹1001 in 5
55₹50,0001 in 1,551
4₹1,5001 in 83
3₹2001 in 12
66₹150,0001 in 7,753
5₹50001 in 324
4₹5001 in 36
3₹1001 in 8
77₹500,0001 in 40,980
6₹15,0001 in 1,366
5₹1,5001 in 116
4₹2001 in 20
3₹1001 in 6
88₹1,500,0001 in 230,115
7₹40,0001 in 6,233
6₹5,0001 in 423
5₹1,0001 in 55
4₹2001 in 13
99₹2,500,0001 in 1,380,688
8₹250,0001 in 30,628
7₹20,0001 in 1,691
6₹2,5001 in 175
5₹4001 in 31
4₹1001 in 9
1010₹20,000,0001 in 8,911,712
9₹1,000,0001 in 163,382
8₹50,0001 in 7,385
7₹5,0001 in 621
6₹1,0001 in 88
5₹3001 in 20
0₹3001 in 22
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How to win Keno lottery

First of all, keno is a game that is based on complete luck and there is no way of influencing which of the balls get picked out by the keno machine. The best keno numbers to play are all of them, so don’t waste your time trying to find a strategy that gives you an advantage. That is not how you play Keno. Some players have their own luckiest keno numbers and you may have your own. It makes sense to play your lucky numbers because at least you will always remember them each time you play.

However, there are some other important things to remember when playing keno online. Some may sound obvious and others not so much, but you should try and remember them.

Tip 1 – Understand the Rules

Understanding the rules of any casino game is important and this is true for keno as well. It may be one of the easier games to play, but knowing the rules will ensure that you don’t make any amateur mistakes. For example, did you know that you can only win the full jackpot prize in progressive keno when you are betting on the maximum bet amount?

Tip 2 – Pick a game with the biggest payouts

It may sound obvious, but you should check the payouts and make sure that you are getting the best possible returns on the bets that you make. It makes sense to win 500 INR instead of 400 INR. Check the game rules to ensure that you always receive the biggest possible payouts when you win.

Tip 3 – Play for free if you are new to the game

Playing for free is a great way of quickly learning the game rules. It also means that you don’t throw away money on a game that you don’t fully understand. Combine this tip with the first one and you will enjoy keno a lot more. Plus, you can take your time and pick out your own lucky keno numbers to play.

Tip 4 – Play at licensed casinos

We talk about this a lot but it is always an important factor. Playing at licensed casinos helps to ensure that your personal details and money are safe and secure. All the casinos that we recommend here are licensed and trusted for all Indian players, so be sure to follow our advice and keep your money safe.

Online Keno odds

keno slot example

The many different keno games available means that you will find various different odds and RTP percentages. This is mainly because of the game rules that change with each version of keno. Let us give you an idea of what you can expect from a typical keno game.

Offline keno games provide an RTP of around 65-80%, however, online keno games can offer RTPs up to and around the 95% mark.

The chart below is based on a standard online keno game that offers a total of 15 number selections for each betting round. You can see that the RTP increases as you start to pick a larger selection of numbers.

In simple terms, your odds will gradually get better as you pick more numbers.

Numbers PickedRTP

History of Keno

You can trace the origins of keno right back to Ancient China with some rumors linking it to the source of funding for the Great Wall of China. What we do know is that the keno game, in one form or another, has been a popular hobby in Asia and the Far East for many generations. The introduction to casinos and the famous venues in Las Vegas came about when Chinese immigrants entered the United States.

A few changes in the game rules made keno more acceptable to Westerners, but you can still find many of the traditional keno versions here in India today. Keno is now a firm favorite across the globe and the simple rules make it a popular choice for any player who wants to sit back and enjoy some relaxed casino entertainment.


Can you play Keno online for free?

Yes, some online casinos allow you to play online keno for free. This is a great way to learn how to play keno and understand the rules.

Can you check Keno results online?

Yes, the results of each keno game will be displayed at the end of the betting round. All your winnings will be credited instantly once each betting round is finished.

Has anyone ever hit 12 numbers in Keno?

Yes, it does not happen often but some lucky players have hit 12 numbers in keno before. Play the games with the biggest payouts to ensure that you have the best chances of winning.

Is playing online Keno illegal?

No, it is not illegal. As long as you are playing within an Indian state where online casino gaming is legal then you can enjoy the game whenever you want.

Can you play Keno on your phone?

Yes, many of the keno games that you find online are available to play on your mobile phones, as well as tablets and small laptops. We have a page on our site that lists all the mobile casinos here.

Where to play Keno online?

You can find all our recommended online keno casinos here on this page. All of them are licensed and trusted so that you can always play with complete confidence.

Is online Keno fair?

Yes, the rules are fair but some games are more rewarding than others. This is why we recommend that you find the best keno payouts to ensure you pick up the best possible winnings

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