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Gin Rummy Online

Gin Rummy is one of the more popular variants of the Rummy classic. Fun and easy to play, it combines the luck of a card game with the skill of making the best use of the cards available to you. This game is very similar to the original Rummy game since the main objective is to get rid of your cards by splitting them into melds.

In this Gin Rummy guide, we will introduce you to this engaging card game. We will also provide you with suggestions of online casinos where you can play this game for free or with real money. Most importantly, we will include some Gin Rummy strategies as well as tips for you to try.

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What is Gin Rummy?

Gin Rummy is a two-player card game that is relatively easy to play. In essence, the main objective of the game is to group your 10 cards into so-called melds before your opponent. There are two main ways to do this, either grouping them as sets or as runs. 

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Unlike other popular card games, such as Blackjack, Gin Rummy does not allow wrap arounds. This means that K is the highest-value card and you cannot combine it to an A. In fact, in this game, A is the lowest-value card.

In order to learn the basics of Gin Rummy, sometimes also referred to as Oklahoma Gin, you need to know the following terms:


This is a group of cards you hold in your hand which are grouped according to the rules of Gin. Very often, your 10 cards will be split amongst several melds, normally two or three.


A set is one of the two ways to group cards in melds. A proper set consists of three or four cards of the same value, such as 4♥-4♠-4♦.


Also known as a Sequence, this type of meld is made up of cards of the same suit and increasing value. An example of a run could be 1♦-2♦-3♦-4♦.


The stock is the deck of facedown cards from which players can draw one card in each round.

Discard Pile

This is a pile of faceup cards which is located at the centre of the table. Players discard unwanted cards in this pile.


This is another way to describe your unwanted cards. These are cards in your hand which are not part of any meld.


This is the moment when all your 10 cards are parts of melds, so you have no deadwood left. The first player to get Gin wins the game.

Discard Pile

This is a pile of faceup cards which is located at the centre of the table. Players discard unwanted cards in this pile.

Big Gin

This rare moment takes place when you have a hand full of melds and the 11th card you pick up can also join an existing meld.

Lay off

This is the process by which your opponent collects your deadwood to put into his/her melds.

Gin Rummy Variants

Whilst Gin Rummy is itself a variant of the classic Rummy game, it has become so popular that it has led to the creation of several other variants. In Sequence Gin, for example, players are only allowed to meld sequences, or runs, and not sets.

Another popular variant of Oklahoma Gin is Skarney Gin. This variant features a poker meld which allows players to group three or more cards in a sequence with different suits. In addition, Skarney Gin gives back the A the power to be both a lowest-value as well as a highest-value card. However, wrap arounds are still prohibited. This means that you can meld Q-K-A or A-1-2, but not K-A-1. These are some of the differences between Gin Rummy and Skarney Gin, although there are plenty of others too.

How to Play Gin Rummy Game

Gin Rummy starts with both players receiving 10 cards to form their initial hand. The remaining cards are set as the stock in the middle of the table. The top card of the stock is put face up next to it. This card represents the bottom of the discard pile.

A Gin Rummy round plays out as follows:

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  1. A player starts by picking up a card from either the stock or discard pile. If this is the first turn, the starting player can only pick a card from the discard pile or pass the turn.
  2. After picking a card, the player must discard one in order to keep the hand at 10 cards. The discarded pile is placed face-up on the discard pile. If the player picked up a card from the discard pile, it can only be discarded on the next or subsequent rounds.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 are repeated, with both players seeking to group their cards into successive melds.
  4. The round ends when a player knocks. This involves putting a card from the hand face down, instead of up, on the discard pile. At this point, the knocker must show the melds and deadwood in the hand to the table. The opponent does the same, and can then lay off his/her deadwood cards into the knocker’s melds if it makes sense to do so.
  5. The game ends when a player achieves a Gin or Big Gin.

The process of knocking is probably the most complicated part of Gin Rummy. Knocking is only allowed under certain conditions, and these vary depending on the game creator. Generally speaking, you can only knock if your deadwood totals 10 points or less. The King, Queen, and Jack each count as 10 in this case. It is also important to note that the card which you use to knock, meaning the one you place on the discard pile, is not counted.

If you are knocking with no deadwood, you must be going Gin. Sometimes, you can get up to 11 cards in melds, in which case you are said to be going Big Gin. In such an instance, the game ends without you discarding the final card facedown.

Gin Rummy can also end in a tie if neither player has knocked and only a few cards remain in the stock. 

Gin Rummy Rules

There are several important rules which you need to be aware of when playing Gin Rummy. Understanding these rules will help you develop a winning Gin strategy and ensure that you are aware of what’s going on throughout the game.

  • Each card in your hand can only form part of one meld at any given time.
  • Wrap arounds are illegal.
  • Each game provider is able to add special bonuses or points throughout the game. The points listed on this Gin Rummy guide are only indicative.
  • On the first turn, if Player 1 passes, then Player 2 must either pick the card on the discard pile or also pass. If the latter takes place, then Player 1 plays again with no card restrictions.

Gin Rummy Scoring

An interesting fact about Gin Rummy is that melds are technically irrelevant for scoring purposes. It doesn’t matter how many you have or what they consist of. Their only purpose is to reduce your deadwood. In fact, scoring in Gin Rummy is based on deadwood and bonuses.

Scoring in most versions of Gin Rummy consists of the following:

Knocking Points

Following a knock, once all lay offs are made, points are awarded based on the difference between the knocker’s deadwood and the opponent’s deadwood. As an example, if the knocker has 4 points of deadwood whilst the opponent has 18 points, the knocker received 14 points.


If a player knocks but finds that the opponent has equal or less deadwood points, then the opponent receives 25 points plus the difference of deadwood points. In this case, the knocker gets no points. An exception occurs when the knocker goes Gin, in which case the undercut bonus is not used.

Big Gin Bonus

When a player goes Big Gin, he/she gets awarded 50 additional points.

Game Bonus

When a player reaches 100 points, he/she receives a further 100 points added to the overall score.

Gin Bonus

When a player goes Gin, he/she gets awarded 25 additional points.

Line/box Bonus

This bonus of 25 points is added to each hand won during a game of Gin.

Shutout Bonus

If the winner managed to win every hand in a game, the points of each hand are doubled before the box bonus is added.

Online Gin Rummy Strategy Guide

Like many card games, Gin Rummy is not only a game of luck but also a game of skill. This is why having a Gin Rummy strategy can help you perform better and increase the likelihood of winning. At this point, we should stress that there is no way to guarantee a Gin Rummy win. However, by following our strategy guide you will likely increase your chances.

Understand the Mathematical Basics of Gin Rummy

In this card game, there are 52 three-card melds of three of a kind, such as 4♥-4♠-4♦. Similarly, there are 44 melds of three-card runs, such as 1♦-2♦-3♦. When you complete a three-card meld, the chances of getting the fourth of a kind are twice less likely than extending a run. Most runs can be extended at either end and can grow to five or six, or even more. Sets are limited to a maximum of four.

Identify Likely Deadwood Quickly

The best cards to discard at the start of the game are those with a different suit and a value that is one or two away from what was discarded by your opponent. If this is not possible, you should discard a card with a value equal to that discarded by your opponent in previous turns.

Work Your Memory

Whilst you might not be able to count cards, having good memory in Gin Rummy can help you make the right choices throughout the game. The more you can remember about discarded cards and possible melds, the better equipped you will be to decide on which developing melds to focus on. It is also important to look at what your opponent is picking up, so you can choose which deadwood to discard strategically.

Treasure Your Sevens

Statistically speaking, sevens are the most valuable card in the deck for melds. This number can extend runs better than any other value. Always try and keep any sevens you’ve collected in your hand, and only discard them if you have no other options.

Knock Over Gin

In online Gin Rummy, your focus should be to knock when you deem it is most appropriate. You shouldn’t focus on going Gin, since the 25 points you’ll collect won’t come close to the amount you could collect from successful knocks. You should not be afraid to knock earlier in the game, before the half-deck point, since online Gin Rummy normally ends at around this moment.

Observe the Discard Pile

The cards in the discard pile are providing you with information about your opponent’s hand, so be sure to observe it carefully. The opposite is also true, so if you do not wish to divulge information to your opponent, you should pick from the stock as much as possible. Of course, there are moments when knowing the card you are picking has its advantages, such as using it to complete a three-card meld. It is even better when you can use the discard pile card to knock immediately.

Keep High-Value Cards Close

You should try and hold onto high-value cards, especially if they are part of a developing run or set. However, towards the end of the game, you should discard these since it is likely that your opponent will be knocking soon enough.

Set Your Melds for Knocking

When you are preparing your cards after a knock, it is a good idea to combine cards as runs of four cards or more, whenever possible. This will decrease the likelihood of the knocker being able to lay off the deadwood on your run.

Online Gin Rummy Odds

As with other card games, online Gin Rummy odds can be calculated and can help you understand what action to take based on several factors. First, let’s look at some interesting statistics:

  • There are 15,820,024,220 possible combinations of 10-card hands.
  • The player can have 60,403,728,840 different combinations in an 11-card hand.
  • Once cards are dealt, the player can have one hand out of a possible 2,165,144,422,791,078,729.

Throughout an online Gin Rummy game, the probability of picking a useful discarded card increases as the game progresses. At the start of the game, however, this is significantly less likely since you do not know what cards are available in the stock. This is why, at the start of a hand, the odds of finding a useful card in the discard pile are as follows in the table below.

Potential MeldProbability
3 runs & 3 sets0.212
2 runs & 3 sets0.194
1 runs & 3 sets0.171
3 runs & 0 sets0.124
1 runs & 1 sets0.129
2 runs & 0 sets0.084
1 runs & 1 sets0.091
1 runs & 0 sets0.047
0 runs & 1 sets0.047

Whilst the above table focuses primarily on the early stages of the game, there are specific odds that cater to the very first play. These cover the likelihood that a player discards a card that is taken up by the opponent.

Type of cardProbability
K or A0.141
Q or 20.171
Any other0.182

History of Gin Rummy

It is not exactly clear where or when Gin Rummy originated, but it likely appeared sometime around the 1920s. The game is thought to be a combination of Conquian and Knock Rummy, two games that were popular in the early 20th century. Gin Rummy found an eager audience in the United States, specifically New York, where it was played across saloons, hotel parlous and upscale lounges. 

At the time, the game was referred to as Gin Poker, although no one really knows why. What’s certain is that by the 1940s, the game found new fame amongst Hollywood movies. Several blockbusters included main characters playing Gin Rummy on the big screen, and this only helped secure its popularity around the world. 

Throughout the last century or so, the rules and gameplay of Gin Rummy have remained practically untouched. With the introduction of online casinos, the game has finally experienced a transformation into a digital form. As a result, you can now play Gin Rummy on your smartphone or computer, playing in either a virtual version or choosing a live casino Gin Rummy title.


Can I play online Gin Rummy for free?

Yes, you can play online Gin Rummy for free at online casinos which provide the virtual game. It is practically impossible to find live Gin Rummy games which allow players to play for free.

Is playing online Gin Rummy illegal?

Gin Rummy is a card game that combines luck and skill. It is, therefore, legal to play in India, just like Blackjack or Hold’em.

Can I play Gin Rummy at a casino online on mobile? 

Yes, you can play online Gin Rummy on a mobile casino. To make it easier for you, we have included a list of supporting casinos on this page.

Is online Gin Rummy fair?

Like all other online casinos games provided by reputable game creators, online Gin Rummy is based on either a random number generator or automatic card shufflers. As a result, the game is totally random and fair

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