Online Video Poker

Poker is one of the most popular casino games around and it has been for years. Modern technology has given us a new variation of the game in the form of video poker. There are many types of video poker and we will help you uncover all the important information about this popular game.

In this guide, we are going to look deeper into video poker and uncover how you can get started. We will also look into the different types of video poker games, the best strategies you can use, and what odds you can expect.

Best Online Casinos to Play Video Poker

Some casinos have a wide selection of video poker games, while others offer only the most popular of them. Here we have created a list in which we have selected reliable casinos with video poker games.

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What Is Online Video Poker?

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Video poker is a computer-based version of traditional poker. Although it was first played in many land-based casinos, it has grown in popularity since the rise of online casinos. Today, almost all the top-rated casinos will offer video poker games.

Video poker is similar to traditional poker. However, it is adapted slightly to fit into a machine (or your laptop screen) which means you play against the house. In its most basic form, a player makes a bet and they are then dealt five cards. They can then select which of these cards, if any, they want to hold. Additional cards are then dealt to complete the hand and if you have a winning hand (dependent on the type of game you play) you will receive a payout.

One of the advantages of playing online video poker is its convenience. It is very easy to play online without having to travel to a casino and it is also fast-paced. You can play upwards of 500 hands of video poker per hour once you get experienced. The more hands you can play, the more likely you are to reach the jackpot of a Royal Flush. The Royal Flush is the top hand and holds the biggest prize, but more on this later on in the guide.

Playing online also gives you access to bonuses that you may otherwise not receive. It is very rare for a land casino to offer bonuses and promotions. However, online casinos frequently provide incentives for you to continue playing their games.

Video poker also offers an element of variety. We will talk about the different types of video poker later on, but there is a range of different games which you can play to keep things interesting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Poker:


  • Extremely quick game
  • Many different variations
  • You can play from the convenience of your own home
  • Various rewarding bonuses to claim


  • Random number generator means there is no way to create a winning strategy
  • High-paying hands such as the Royal Flush are hard to get

Getting Started

The first thing you should learn when playing video poker is what the buttons on the onscreen display mean.

Bet One

This is used to increase the size of your bet. You can place a wager of between 1 and 5 coins per hand. The higher the number of coins, the higher the payout. You will need to play the maximum number of coins in the game to win the maximum Royal Flush payout.


Clicking this button will get you your initial five-card hand. It is also the button you will use once you have decided which cards to keep and which to get remove.


Each of your five cards will have a Hold button under them. You can click Hold on any of the cards that you want to keep in your hand.

Max Bet

This button automatically bets the maximum five coins allowed.

There is a range of different poker games that we will look into later on, but most of them follow the same set of rules. The only difference is what each game considers a winning hand to be.

poker - win combinations

Video Poker Game Flow

In any Video Poker game, you are looking to get the best possible hand out of your five cards. You are allowed to keep cards that you want to keep and remove those you don’t. You will get new cards for the ones you have removed. The aim is to end up with a winning poker hand. Winning poker hands consist of things like pairs, three of a kind, two pairs, a full house (a pair and three of a kind), a straight (five cards in a row), and a flush (five cards of the same suit).

To play video poker online, you just need to follow these six simple steps:

  1. Deposit funds into your online casino account
  2. Launch one of the Video Poker games and place your bet
  3. Hit deal and receive an initial five-hand deck
  4. Hold the cards you want to keep and discard those you want to get rid of
  5. Receive the cards that replace the ones you have discarded
  6. Any winnings you may have made are then paid out

Check the Video Poker Pay Tables

When playing online video poker there are many things you need to keep in mind to ensure the best possible experience. Ensuring you are aware of the paytable before playing is important as you need to know what you can win should you be successful. Online video poker pay tables are always easily accessible, so you should have no problem trying to find them. We have included an example of what a paytable may look like in the next section.

Lastly, you can also find online casino bonuses that allow you to use the money on Video Poker. This is a great way to boost your bankroll and more money in your account means longer poker sessions. You can find rewarding deposit match bonuses at some of the casinos that we recommend here at BestCasinoIndia.

Quick Guide to Playing Online Video Poker

Firstly, let’s highlight a typical Video Poker paytable and show you what you can win from each winning hand. The table is easy to follow and the one major talking point is the Royal Flush when betting on the maximum bet amount. You can see the increase in the prize money and this is known as the Royal Flush Jackpot. Most players aim to win this top prize, but you should only attempt this if you can afford to play on the maximum bet amount.

Royal Flush₹2500₹5000₹7500₹10,000₹40,000
Straight Flush₹500₹1000₹1500₹2000₹2500
Four of a kind₹250₹500₹750₹1000£1,250
Full House₹90₹180₹270₹360₹450
Three of a kind₹30₹60₹90₹120₹150
Two Pairs₹20₹40₹60₹80₹100
Jacks or better₹10₹20₹30₹40₹50

This gives you an idea of the most profitable hands and what you should be looking to hold with your five poker cards within each betting round.

There are two main classifications of video poker games when it comes to payouts. Those that are referred to as ‘full pay’ and the others as ‘short pay’. Full pay machines will boast an RTP (return to player) of over 99%. There are even some video poker games that will advertise they offer over 100%. But players should always bear in mind that these are based on the fact that a player makes the perfect mathematical decision on every play.

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You should find a trustworthy and reliable online casino to play online video poker. You can then familiarize yourself with the payouts and gain experience of what kind of RTP you should expect. Genesis Casino is somewhere that we would certainly recommend for learning the basics of online video poker. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to check them out.

Things to consider when playing online video poker:

  • Is the casino fair and reliable?
  • What is the payout for the game?
  • What does the RTP look like?
  • Don’t chase lost causes. Don’t play to win back money that you have already lost.

Video poker game types

There is a huge range of video poker games available to players and each one offers something slightly different. We are now going to take a look at some of the video poker games you can expect to see at an online casino and discover what each one has to offer.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or better is the most common version of video poker. It gets its name from the fact that a pair of jacks or better is the minimum hand that you can win with. 

Deuces Wild

In this version of video poker, the number two cards are considered wild cards. When a two appears, they can act as a replacement for any other card to help you improve your hand as you choose.

10’s or better

10’s or better is much like jacks or better although it is much easier to win. You only need a pair of 10s or better to receive a payout. 

Joker Poker

Sometimes referred to as “Joker Wild”. Joker Poker sees jokers added to the deck of cards and when they are drawn they act as a wild. This means that you get to choose what card the joker represents. 

Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces is a variation of Jacks or Better but with more winning hands. The paytable extends to include three tiers of four-of-a-kind hands. Here you are rewarded with four of a kind hands made up of Aces and Faces with larger payouts.

7 Stud Poker

7 Stud Poker is based on two cards facing down and a third card facing up. The player has to decide based on these three cards if they wish to continue the hand. Each player gets dealt seven cards in total, with three facing down and four facing up. From these seven cards, the player has to choose the best five-card combination.

All American Poker

All American Poker is a standard video poker game based on Jacks or Better. The most significant difference in All American Poker is the different payouts for specific hands. Straight Flush, Straights, and Flushes are paid out higher than normal while a full house and two pairs payout lower. 

There are always new games of video poker being created with slightly different versions available. The list above covers the most common variations, but there are many more to play and enjoy if you search across the top casinos. 

Video poker strategy guide

The basics of video poker are all about maximizing your chances of making a profit. While there are no guarantees of winning, there are basic steps you can follow to help you play more intelligently. Below we have put together a list of things you should do and shouldn’t do in your online video poker strategy:

Learn the rules of video poker

There is no better advice. Many players continue to lose money because they don’t fully understand the rules. Learn the rules and how the games play. There are options online to let you play for free, so try these before playing to get a feel for the game.

Don’t just guess!

It may sound simple, but you are never going to succeed by just guessing. It goes hand in hand with tip number one. The more you know about the rules of poker, the less you will be guessing and instead, you will start taking calculated risks.

Choose the right pay table

One of the joys of playing online video poker is that it gives you the likelihood of winning before you even start to play. Make sure you check the paytable of the casino or machine you are using to ensure there is value in the game.

Slow down!

One of the biggest features of online video poker is the pace at which you can play. But we recommend that you take your time and don’t make any rash decisions. After all, these games are designed to make the casinos money. So, the quicker you bet, the more careless you become which means more money for the casino and less for you.

Join Players Clubs

Different casinos will offer different levels of VIP or players clubs. This is where you can access the best rewards and bonuses to help you with your playing strategy. It is especially useful for those of you who are playing a lot of online video poker.

Keep an eye out for bonuses

Of course, playing with one casino has its advantages, but there are always great offers at different casinos. So, keep an eye out for those big rewarding promotions and make use of them when you feel the time is right.

Never give up a winning hand in the hope of getting an even bigger hand

This is a common mistake that beginners make because they are always looking to win the biggest prize. However, you will enjoy many more winning hands if you play carefully and stick with what you have.

History of Video Poker

The world has seen great advances in technology and that is how online video poker is with us today. 1970 was when it all began and this was the time when Dale Electronics introduced the world’s first video poker machine, the “Poker-Matic”. It was quickly installed in every casino across Las Vegas. Even though it was not an instant hit, it did provide the framework for what we know as online video poker today.

In the mid-1970s, a man named Si Redd approached his employer with the idea of a game he had developed called Video Poker. Bally Gaming, the company employing Redd, rejected the idea and allowed him to take the patent himself. His initial idea saw a two-pair as the lowest possible winning hand, but when this was changed to a pair of jacks or better, the game took off.

The earliest video poker games were not particularly sophisticated and so it was difficult for casinos to calculate the house edge. Yet, that didn’t matter as every casino was convinced to install the games. By the time the internet was introduced, video poker was ready to move online with many variations becoming available. It was this wide accessibility that ensured the game became more popular than ever before. The rest, as they say, is history and video poker is now available at all the top casino sites.


Can you play online video poker for free?

Yes. Many online casinos offer you the opportunity of playing online video poker for free. These are perfect for learning the game rules and practicing various video poker tips and strategies.

Is playing online video poker illegal?

The legal rules will change depending on which state you live in. Many states allow real money bets on video poker games and some are more strict. You can read up on our legal guide here for all the important details regarding the current rules.

Where to play video poker online?

There are many places that you can play video poker online. Almost all casinos will now offer it in some form. We always recommend using Genesis Casino for the best video poker experience, so be sure to take a closer look when you want to play for real money bets.

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