Side Bets in Blackjack

To provide players with more reasons to play blackjack, game providers and operators boost the additional bet options. This comes in the form of improved margins, engaging layout, and the addition of side bets. Compared to standard bets placed on the blackjack game, the side bets are relatively smaller, often a few rupees, and can offer lucrative payouts often bigger than the usual even-money online blackjack payoffs. In this guide, we will take a look at how these bets work. More importantly, we will explore side bets if these are worth your time.

Are Side Bets Worth It?

A side bet is an option available for blackjack players. This bet’s beauty requires a minimal amount to play, and the payouts are bigger than standard even-money bets. Also, using blackjack side bets can offer an extra layer of entertainment and challenge when playing casino online. Aside from the standard bet, you can also expect lucrative payouts from these wagers. However, the house edge often depends on the specific game’s payout schedule, and it varies. Also, you won’t leave the blackjack table with more than even money. To make side bets work for you, skip casinos with high house edges. It can also help if you learn the basics blackjack rules.

What are Blackjack Side Bets?

In the standard cards-comparing game, you can choose to ‘stand’, ‘double’, or ‘hit’ depending on your assessment of the cards. However, in many variants of online blackjack, you can play other types of bets called the ‘side bets’. As the name suggests, it’s an extra wager submitted at the beginning of the round together with the main bet. Typically, side bets are not part of the standard blackjack strategy. There are different side bets available with the Insurance, Perfect Pairs, and 21+3 as the most popular. To play, you need to put the side wager in a set area next to the box containing the main wager.


Think of the side bets as the players’ protection against the dealers’ blackjack. This bet is offered if the casino dealer’s face up card is an Ace. If you’re playing in an online casino, the option to play this side bet usually appears through a pop-up screen after the dealer’s card has been dealt. This is primarily designed to offer players a chance to take home a payout even without the winning card values.


This side bet focuses on your first two cards and the up-card of the dealer. You make this additional wager based on the outcome of these cards that they will form into a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, or a Three-of-a-Kind. Just like insurance, the 21+3 side bet is designed to offer you with more opportunities to win. These bets come with varying odds so it’s best to check out the payout schedule before placing real money bets.

Suited Trips

This blackjack side bet is based on the 21+3 wager. As mentioned, the 21+3 involves the player’s first two cards and the upcard of the dealer. It becomes the suited trips if the three cards in question are of the same suits, like Three Queen of Diamonds. Now, the odds for the bet may vary. On Royal Panda India, this side bet comes with a 100:1 payout.

Straight Flush

Another popular side bet to play is the poker-inspired straight flush. This refers to three cards in numerical order and feature identical suits. For example, if the three cards show a 1 of spade, 2 of spades, and a 3 of spaces, then you win this side bet. Collecting a 2 of heart, 3 of heart, and 4 of heart will also win the bet. The standard payout for the straight flush is 40:1.

Three of a Kind

This is another variation of the side bets that involve the player’s two cards and the up-card of the dealer. In this wager, you are betting that these three cards will be on the same rank. For example, if the screen shows three cards of 6s or jacks, then you win your three-of-a-kind side bet. In many Indian online casinos, the payout for this bet is 30:1.


As the name suggests, this side bet refers to three cards in sequence. Again, the three cards in contention are the player’s two cards and the dealer’s up-card. For example, if screen shows 2, 3, and 4 then you win the straight side bet. Keep in mind that in this bet, only the numbers are considered and not the colors or the suits. This side bet offers the second to the lowest payout at 10:1.


When playing blackjack online, you will be presented with a bet option for a flush. Similar to how it’s played in poker, the flush bet involves three cards of the same suit, say a King, a 10, or a 6 of diamonds. You can also win this side bet if the two player’s cards and the dealer’s up-card show a Queen, 9, or 5 of hearts. Keep in mind that this blackjack side bet offers the lowest odds at 5:1.

Super Sevens

Just like the previous side bets discussed in this page, the super sevens refer to the first two cards of the player and the dealer’s up-card. As the name of the bet suggests, it’s all about the sevens. If the first card is a seven, then you win. And your winnings for the side bet increases if there are two or three consecutive sevens that are suited, hence the name.

Perfect Pairs

When playing blackjack side bets, you also have the option to submit the perfect pairs. In this side bet, you are betting that the first two cards assigned to you are coloured, mixed, or a perfect pair. Specifically, you are betting that matching colors and a pair of numbers will pay out. The three different winning scenarios in this bet come with specific odds so we recommend that you check out first the payout schedule of your preferred online casino.


This side bet is an extension of the perfect pairs side bet in online blackjack. As mentioned, you are betting on the outcome that the first two cards dealt with the player are a pair. In the coloured side bet, you can win if you can collect a pair of cards of the same colour, of different suits. For example, you can win the coloured side bet if you have the 10 of hearts and 10 of diamonds.

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