Free Indian Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing has steadily gained popularity in India since the first races in the 1940’s. Many punters now are taking the opportunity to place online bets while enjoying some fast racing. To get a good payout, it is important to have all the free Indian horse racing tips you can find to help you place smart horse racing bets.

Luckily, the following tips will help you enjoy a lucrative horse racing experience through strategic betting.

Top Horse Racing Betting Sites for India

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How to Choose the Best Horse Racing Site

One of the top free Indian horse racing tips is to choose the best horse racing site. There are many online sites that allow horse racing betting but some of them may not offer competitive products.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing a site for betting on horse racing.

  • Good reputation – an ideal site should be trustworthy and it must carry a good reputation with independent reviewers and punters alike. A recommended site from sources you can trust is a good choice.
  • Regulation and license to operate – it is important to check whether the site has local approval. This includes a license that allows Indian betting enthusiasts to place bets to avoid fraud and non-compliance to the betting industry standards.
  • Racing Coverage – one of the top free Indian horse racing tips is to choose a site that covers the race you want to bet on. Some sites may not cover the Indian horse races.
  • The odds on offer -one of the top and free Indian horse racing tips is to take your time to compare the odds on different sites. Since they are displayed prior to the races, comparing is easy to do and it can assist you to choose the site that offers the most competitive horse racing odds. The better the odds, the higher the winnings.
  • Bonuses and extra perks – an ideal site should offer you valuable bonuses that are not bound by restrictive terms and conditions. They should also offer free and valuable daily Indian horse racing today tips for their customers.
  • Money transfer options – this is one of the most important and free Indian horse racing tips concerning a betting site. A good site should offer banking options that work for you so you can make quick deposits and withdrawals. These options may include Paytm, Skrill, Mastercard/Visa, NetBanking, and UPI.

Biggest Horse Racing Events to Bet On

There are five classic horse racing events in India that provide great opportunities to place bets and possibly take some winnings home. The free Indian horse racing tips are always available to help gamblers make informed decisions when placing bets in any of these races.

Indian Derby

The Indian Derby is the most prestigious event in the horse racing calendar in India. It takes place on the first Sunday of February. Punters can place their rupees on their favorite horse in hopes of a big win. The event is prominent due to its top prize for the top racer. For the gamblers, smart bets informed by the best horse racing online betting tips is the only way to get a win.

Indian 1000 Guineas

The Indian 1000 Guineas is a 1-mile track race held in Mumbai the Sunday after the 2000 Guineas are completed. Only 3-year old Indian-bred fillies can participate.

Indian 2000 Guineas

This is a sister race to the 1000 Guineas as it takes place on a 1-mile track as well. It is held towards the end of either April or May in Mumbai. It is open for both Indian-bred fillies and colts.

Indian St Leger

It’s a classic horse race held in Pune. It is also part of the Triple Crown series where an overall winning horse is required to win the Derby, 2000 Guineas, and St Leger races.

Indian Oaks

Also known as the “Ladies Derby”, the Indian Oaks is the final race in the classic horse races found in India. Only 4-year old thoroughbred fillies are allowed to participate in this race.

How to Read Indian Horse Race Odds

Odds represent the probability that a certain horse can win the race. They also assist a punter to know how much money they’ll make should their choice win the race. Different countries have unique ways of representing their horse race odds. In India, the odds are represented as fractions such as 5/2 or 3/1.

The lower the fraction given to a horse, the higher the chances it may win the race. A horse with a 2/1 odd is more likely to win than a horse with a 15/1 odd.

One of the free Indian horse racing tips is to get the best odds available to increase winnings. A punter should compare the odds across the betting sites as they always vary for a better return.

Horse Racing Tips

A smart punter is always on the hunt for tips to win and get the best profit rather than relying on blind luck. Here are free Indian horse racing tipsthat you can apply to assist in making better bets.

Follow the statistics

Horse racing revolves around statistics. This is one of the top free Indian horse racing tips in horse racing betting. These statistics represent the factors that may affect a race and punters should binge on these before placing a bet. They can follow a trusted voice in the industry to make their predictions or perform their own due diligence.

Statistics can be human or horse-related. Human-related statistics include jockey wins and finishes, trainer percentages, owner total earnings, and earnings per start.

Horse statistics include workout stats, past performance, sire stats, race attendance, and track records. All these statistics play a part in predicting each horse’s likelihood to win a race.

As a punter, you’ll often come across the Indian horse race tips today online. These are tips and hints based on statistics that sports professionals provide daily on horses, jockeys, and the racecourse to save their subscribers’ time and effort.

The last free Indian horse racing tip in this section is to follow your region’s statistics. Horse races take place in different cities other than Mumbai such as Hyderabad, Mysore, and Bangalore. Punters should find trustworthy tipsters who can provide the latest horse racing online betting tips in these regions so they can make better winning predictions.

Research the racecourse form

One of the most prudent and free Indian horse racing tips is to research the racecourse. The race track surface either dry, soft, dirt, or turf, and the race distance are big indicators of what to expect in an upcoming race. The horse statistics should then collaborate on how well they perform on a specific track. The weather conditions and especially wet weather also tend to have a profound effect on horse racing ability.

Bankroll management

As with every game, horse racing betting can get addictive. So, one of the most important and free Indian horse racing tips here is to set a budget and stick to it. Stake small amounts of money so you make as many bets as you would like. A budget not only minimizes the losses but also maintains the fun aspect of betting.

Learn the types of bets available

Another one of the free Indian horse racing tips is to learn both the conventional and local bets available. Bets in horse racing are diverse and provide different advantages. The bets available in Indian horse racing include treble, tanala, and barbet. A punter should understand what each bet represents and which one they can maximize for a bigger profit in a specific race.

Learn the terminology

Every sport including horse racing has its terminology. Getting to learn what each term means assists punters to understand what odds and suggestions the bookies are providing for the horse races across all betting sites. Handicaps, tote, place, laying a favourite, and accumulator bets are some of the terminologies one will encounter in horse racing.

What type of bets can you make on horses?

The types of bets you can make on a horse include:

Win – a punter wagers on the overall winner of the race for a payout.

Place – this is a wager for a horse that finishes in either 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th depending on the number of horses on the track.

Jackpot – this is a bet on winners of 5 different races. If all bets come are correct the punter gets a payout. 4 predictions also carry out a consolation payout.

Accumulator – this is a multi-bet on one horse in different races to either win or place. The winnings keep moving over as long as the selection wins. If a loss occurs in any one race, the wager loses.

Tanala – the wager covers for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners in order of selection in a single race. If a winner is correctly chosen, there is a consolation payout.

Treble – a punter places a stake on winners of 3 different races. One or two correct predictions will give a payout. There is no consolation dividend here.

Bar bet – this a wager on the favourite to lose. A payout occurs if any other horse apart from the favourite wins.

Horse racing handicapping tips

Handicap betting is no easy fit for both novices and experienced punters. The top free Indian horse racing handicapping tips are, first, to look for a more valuable handicap than the obvious favorite. Indications such as the previous start wins and the class of handicap should give a punter an idea of a well-handicapped horse.

The second tip is to check the running style of the horses. Some horses prefer being buried in mid-division and then delivered late while others prefer front running. Such considerations should help a punter determine which horses to wager on and avoid losses.

Common Strategies

Our free Indian horse racing tips also include some strategic approaches that punters utilize to place bets in horse racing and they include:

1. Dutching Formula

The dutching formula requires a punter to wager on a number of horses and they’ll make the same profit no matter which horse wins. It involves making some calculations and it’s more effective if a punter has decided the exact amount they wish to wager.

Calculation steps:

  1. Calculate the implied probability

For instance, if 2 horses’ odds are 9/1 and 4/1 respectively and you wish to wager 100 rupees, the implied probability would be 1/ (odds+1) x 100

                                                     1/(9/1+1) x 100= 10% and 1/(4/1+1) x 100=20%

2. Calculate the stakes

The formula is implied probability/sum of implied probabilities x total stakes

                                                     10%/(20% +10%) x100

                                                     20%/(20+10%) x 100

3. Finally, calculate your winnings.

The formula is; stake x odds selected – the total stake to get your total winnings.

As one of the key free Indian horse racing tips, this strategy ensures that the stake is split mathematically and a profit irrespective of how the race ends.

2. Laying the favourite

Here, a punter can apply one of the best free Indian horse racing tips to wager against the favourite horse in a race. Although this may sound counterproductive, history has shown that the chosen favourites lose more races than those they win.

For this strategy to work effectively, a punter should consider wagering on horses with an odds of 3/1 and below to avoid heavy losses on your bankroll. Handicapping techniques are also valuable as you have to dissect which horse is running for the first time, and other factors such as headgear and weight.

An extra and free Indian horse racing tip when it comes to laying the favourite is to stick to top classes. Bookmakers give more information for these classes making handicapping research easier and more dependable.  

3. Value betting

This is a strategy based on a hunch that the bookmaker has underpriced a selection. A punter with horse racing experience can find the strategy effective for making considerable winnings. Handicapping techniques prove effective here as you have to research past statistics to support your theory.

Here is how to correctly calculate a value bet:

                                               (Odds x probability)/ 100

If the value is greater than 1 then you have correctly found a value bet. If the value is less than 1 then the bookmaker is probably right on the money.                                                  

How Do You bet on an Indian Horse Race?

Betting on an Indian horse race is easy and fast when armed with the right statistics. Follow these simple steps to complete a bet online.

  • Sign up to create an account on an online betting site
  • On the main menu choose “Horse Racing”
  • Choose the race events you prefer
  • Select your bet type either under single or multi-leg pools
  • Click on the runners and horses you wish to select
  • Confirm your selection
  • Make a deposit and enter the stake you wish to place
  • Click “place bet” to complete your betting session

Our most valued free Indian horse racing tips include the 3 best sites to bet on horse racing in India. They are Betway, LeoVegas and Comeon!. These sites enjoy a global reputation, offer highly competitive odds, valuable bonuses, and fast payouts.

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Can you bet on a horse to lose?

Yes. Many online platforms allow punters to place this bet on as many horses as they like and in different races as well. It is illegal, though, to place a bet on horse to lose if you have any connection to the horse in any form. 

Does the favourite horse always win?

No. It has been observed that the favourite horse wins only 30%-35% of the time making it a risky bet for any punter. There are many factors that affect a horse’s performance as our free Indian horse racing tips have shown.
 So, one of the other free Indian horse racing tips is for a punter not to blindly wager on a favourite as its chances of winning are slimmer than its chances of losing.

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