How to Deposit at 1xBet

1xBet, the best casino site in India, is celebrated for its diverse gaming options. For its Indian patrons, it boasts a variety of payment methods, from UPI and PayTM to e-wallets, ensuring seamless deposits.

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Deposit Methods Available at 1xBet

At 1xBet, often referred to as the best casino site in India, players are presented with diverse deposit choices suited to their preferences. Let’s check out the leading payment options available to Indian players at 1xBet.

UPI: Leveraging the most popular UPI methods of payment, 1xBet simplifies transactions. Players can conveniently use Google Pay casino features and others for direct bank transfers.

E-wallets: As online casinos gain traction, 1xBet supports various e-wallets like PayTM. With the casino PayTM money-back option, players enjoy a seamless return process.

Credit/Debit Card: Recognizing global payment patterns, 1xBet provides options to deposit via major credit and debit cards, offering users a universally accepted method.

Net Banking and IMPS: Expanding on traditional banking, this platform incorporates net banking and IMPS. It’s especially beneficial for those preferring direct bank channels for their transactions.

Cryptocurrencies: Venturing into the digital currency domain, 1xBet offers Bitcoin casino free spins. This inclusion caters to the modern gambler enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies.

From the best online casino bonuses in India to diverse payment methods, 1xBet ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for its Indian patrons. Let’s take a closer look at the process of making deposits using the options we mentioned. 

Remember to do 1xBet registration before heading to deposit. You can also do a 1xBet app download to register and

How to Deposit at 1xBet Using UPI?

Minimum Limit: ₹350

Maximum Limit: ₹50,000

1xBet, recognizing the prevalence of UPI in India, integrates it as a primary deposit option. Here’s how you can use UPI for transactions:

  1. Login to 1xBet: Access your account.
  2. Navigate to: Find the ‘Deposit’ section in your dashboard.
  3. Select UPI: Choose the UPI option from the available methods.
  4. Enter Details: Input the required information, usually your UPI ID, or scan the provided QR code.
  5. Specify Amount: Decide on your deposit sum.
  6. Authorize Transaction: Authenticate the payment on your UPI withdrawal earning app.

Deposits via UPI are typically instant. However, during peak times, it can take up to 15 minutes. The limits often vary based on the UPI cash withdrawal game you’re engaged in.

How to Deposit at 1xBet Using PayTM?

Minimum Limit: ₹350

Maximum Limit: ₹50,000

1xBet offers the convenience of using PayTM, a popular wallet allowing Indians to deposit funds at online casinos in Indian rupees. Here’s how:

  1. Login to 1xBet: Access your user account.
  2. Go to ‘Make a Deposit’: Spot and click on the ‘Deposit’ tab.
  3. Choose PayTM: From the list, select the PayTM option.
  4. Enter Details: Provide your PayTM mobile number or scan the QR code.
  5. Input Amount: Specify how much you’d like to deposit.
  6. Confirm Payment: Authenticate the transaction via the PayTM app or OTP.

PayTM deposits, like 1xBet, are often instantaneous. Using PayTM helps ensure a smooth process due to minimal delays as the app is directly partnered with 1xBet. 

How to Deposit at 1xBet Using PhonePe?

Minimum Limit: ₹350

Maximum Limit: ₹50,000

1xBet, aligning with India’s digital payment shift, incorporates PhonePe alongside other options like casinos that accept Google Pay. To deposit using PhonePe:

  1. Login to 1xBet: Access your account.
  2. Proceed to ‘Make a Deposit’: Navigate to the ‘Deposit’ section.
  3. Opt for PhonePe: Among the list, choose PhonePe.
  4. Provide Details: Input your linked PhonePe number or scan the QR code presented.
  5. Decide Amount: Determine the sum you intend to deposit.
  6. Authorize Payment: On the PhonePe app, confirm the incoming request.

PhonePe transactions at 1xBet are also typically immediate unless due to network lag.

How to Deposit at 1xBet Using Net Banking?

Minimum Limit: ₹350

Maximum Limit: ₹50,000

Depositing via Net banking on 1xBet is straightforward:

  1. Login: Access your 1xBet profile.
  2. Navigate to ‘Make a Deposit’: Select this section.
  3. Pick Net Banking: From the options, choose Net Banking.
  4. Bank Details: Provide your bank details and proceed.
  5. Authorize: Authenticate the transaction using your bank’s security methods.

Net banking deposits vary from bank to bank, and so does the deposit time. However, it ranges between instant up to a couple of days.

How to Deposit at 1xBet Using Debit Card?

Minimum Limit: ₹350

Maximum Limit: ₹50,000

On 1xBet, one of the select online casinos with Indian rupees, you can use debit cards to deposit by following the below steps:

  1. Login: Access account.
  2. Click ‘Make a Deposit’.
  3. Choose ‘Debit Card’.
  4. Fill Details: Input card number, expiry, CVV.
  5. Confirm Amount.

No fees on 1xBet, but card providers might charge. Enjoy the best casino bonuses in India here.