Teen Patti Variations Guide

Teen patti or rather ‘Three Cards’ is a unique card game with its origins in India. As one of the most played games in South Asian online casinos, there are many teen patti variations out there that create more entertainment and winning chances for players.

We suggest you assess your skill level first before choosing any one of these variations. Some of these are better suited for novices, while some would work much better for you if you are experienced. At the end of the day, you should also pick the variation which seems most fun to you.

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Different Variations of Teen Patti

Luckily, these different variations of teen patti do not require practice as they are only slightly tweaked compared to the traditional teen patti rules.

Here are the best teen patti variations that you can try out for fun and money.

1. AK47

Named after the Russian rifle, this is one of the most popular teen patti variations. Itmakes the Ace, King, 4, and 7 joker cards. Apart from slight change, all other regular teen patti rules apply. The player with the strongest patti hand wins. Thanks to these joker cards, a player can complete a hand faster.

2. Muflis

Also known as lowball, Muflis tops the list of the most popular teen patti variations. Probably because it makes a player with a losing streak a winner. Here, the weakest hand (high card) wins while the highest hand (trio) loses the game. All the other rules apply. If two players have the same hand, the player with the lowest card wins.

This variation may appeal to players who often get bad cards, but may prove unappealing to competitive players. However, its flexibility makes it one of the best teen patti variations available.

3. Plus Sign

Plus Sign is one of the teen patti variations where three cards are dealt to each player and 5 joker cards are placed on the table to make a plus sign.  The dealer then allows the players to choose the joker cards from either the vertical or horizontal sets. All the rounds are dealt as per the usual teen patti rules.

A modification of the plus sign variation requires the dealer to give each player 6 cards, then arrange the jokers in a plus sign. In three rounds, each player gets one chance to cover a plus sign card with one of their cards, thereby, remaining with 3 cards. All the cards on the table become jokers and a normal teen patti game can begin.

4. 999

999 is one of the most popular teen patti variations that seeks to make the player with cards closest to 9-9-9 the winner. It follows the traditional rules but the cards here hold a unique value such that K, Q, J, of any suit hold the value of zero, A has the value of 1, and the rest of the cards have the same value as the numbers on them. A player can change the order of cards to make them get closer to 9-9-9.

5. Closest to 5-5-5

In this variant, a player is dealt 3 cards and can replace one card in each of the two rounds. Each card has a value such that A, K, Q, and J have a value of 0. The rest of the cards represent the value printed on them.

To win, a player has to get the closest to 5-5-5. The hand can be lesser or greater than 555. After the two rounds the normal teen patti rules apply.

6. Closest to 51

Closest to 51 is among the easiest teen patti variations to apply for experienced players as it mimics blackjack. The goal of this variation is to get as closest as possible to 51 without going over 51. Each player is dealt 3 cards and they are also allowed to buy cards that can bring them closest to 51 by paying 2 counters. After all players are satisfied with their cards, they can proceed to traditional teen patti game.

7. 3-2-1

3-2-1 is among the best teen patti variations with a bit more game rules. First, each player is dealt 6 cards which are then arranged into 3 separate hands. The first hand has 3 cards, the second hand has 2 cards and third hand has 1 card. The game has three rounds starting with the first hand through to the third hand.

The winner of the first round does not take the pot. Instead, the second and third game round are initiated and completed and winners confirmed. The player with at least two wins out of the three wins the pot. If there is none, the pot remains, the players are dealt 6 new cards, and the game begins again.

8. Auction

Auction is also one of the teen patti variations where each player is first dealt with 3 cards. The dealer then places 2 stacks of 3 cards each on the table where one card is open and 2 cards are closed cards for each pile. The open cards are jokers for all players.

Once opened for auction, the players bid for the piles and a round begins. The highest bidder replaces his cards with the pile and their bid is put in the main pot. Once both piles are sold, the normal teen patti rules apply.

9. Sudden Death

Sudden Death is one of the fastest and most fun teen patti variations. The dealer distributes the cards equally to all players. The player then places their cards between the thumb and the ring fingers. Each player gets a round where they drop their card until one opponent shouts ‘stop’.

Once all players are done dropping their cards, they then pick the card with the highest value form the remaining cards for comparison. The player with the highest card wins the game.

10. Pack Jack

Pack Jack is among the unique teen patti variations where several cards can be turned into wild cards. The dealer gives each player 3 cards and places the joker cards on the table. After a player folds, their 3 cards replace the old joker cards and the sequence goes on.

11. One-Eyed Jack

As one of the teen patti variations, One-Eye Jack takes the Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts as jokers. However, the Jack of Clubs and jack of Diamonds have two eyes and are considered ordinary cards.

12. Rotating Jokers

Rotating Jokers is among the simplest teen patti variations for all players. As with a normal teen patti game, each player is dealt 3 cards where one card is open and two cards are closed.

The open card is the player’s joker card. When a player is eliminated, their joker card is made available to the other players on the table and the game follows this sequence to the end.

13. Folding Joker

Folding Joker is another one of the teen patti variations where all other normal rules apply except that it involves 4 cards, where three are dealt as normal but one more is dealt and put aside. The card put aside cannot be used to create a hand.

Out of the three cards, one card is shown and it becomes a joker card for all players. Once a player folds, their fourth card is shown to the other players and it becomes a joker card.

14. Revolving Joker

In the series of teen patti variations that rotate around joker card replacement, players can also try Revolving Joker. Each player is dealt 3 cards and 3 jokers are placed on the table for all players. Once a player folds, the joker cards are all replaced with new ones. The game continues until a showdown or 2 players are left on the table.

15. Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

Each player is dealt 3 cards in this card game. In the first round, players choose whether to turn one of their cards into a joker card for a pre-determined amount. Upon buying the joker, the card is turned up for all to see and the money is put in the pot.

In the second round, players buy jokers from each other with the money going directly to the card owner. After the two rounds are completed, a traditional game of teen patti may begin but with all the jokers in play.

16. Pairs are Jokers

Pairs are Jokers is among the most interesting teen patti variations. Each player is dealt 7 cards. Pairs of cards with a similar value act as the joker cards. Typically a player should have at least a pair to stay in play. For a show, a player chooses their 3 best cards to form a hand.

17. Joker Hunt

In Joker Hunt, each player is dealt 3 cards. The dealer then places some cards on the table face up. The number of cards is determined by multiplying the number of players by 2 and adding 3 more cards to the number. For 4 players, for, instance, the number of cards on the table would be 4×2+3=11.

In two rounds, players can choose to replace one of their cards with an open card. If they do not prefer to choose an open card, they must turn one card upside down. Only 3 cards will remain on the table and they become joker cards in a normal teen patti game.

18. King Little

King Little is one of the different variations of teen pattiwhere all Kings and the smallest cards are jokers. A player can use a joker card like any other such that their chances of winning increases if they get a king.

19. 2 Cards Open

2 Cards Open is one of the highly unique teen patti variations as there is no playing blind or chaal. Out of the 3 cards dealt, one is face-down and two are face-up for all to see. A normal teen patti game begins with players betting on their speculations of what the third card could be.

20. Stud

Stud is one of the simpler teen patti variations. Each player is dealt 1 face-up card and 2 face-down cards. The face-up cards are called street cards and the face-down cards are called hole cards. Apart from the new vocabulary, all traditional rules apply.

21. Discard one

This is another one of the simpler teen patti variations where each player is dealt 4 instead of the normal three cards. Before a game begins each player takes away one card which forces all players to play seen.

22. Wild Draw

Here, each player is dealt with 3 cards. The dealer also draws out an extra card and places it on the table face-up. This card becomes a wild card for all players such that if they have a similar card, they can pick a number and suit the card.

23. Draw

As one of the top teen patti variations, Draw allows a player to discard a card and receive a new one in each round at a pre-determined cost that will be put in the pot.

It helps a player make a set faster and easily whether they are playing seen or blind. However, a player cannot discard a card more than three times.

24. 1942 Love Story

It’s one of the interesting teen patti variations where all the 1, 9, 4, and 2 cards are jokers and can carry any number or suit. On a hilarious note, all players should speak Hindi at all times. A player who violates this rule is forced to fold.

25. Lallan Kallan

If you are looking for one of the teen patti variations that considers the card color, Lallan Kallan ticks the box. Each player is dealt 3 cards and the card with an odd color compared to the others is considered a joker.

Generally, if a player does not have one odd color, then they should fold. Alternatively, they could proceed to play but without a joker in hand.

26. Cobra

Cobra is among the simple but fun teen patti variations where players put in the pot the agreed amount of money before the game begins. They are then dealt with 1 card only which they place on their foreheads for other players to see. The highest card wins the game. Here, a player has no option to fold.

27. Odd Sequence

As opposed to using the traditional sequence of consecutive cards such as 5-6-7 or J-Q-K, in this teen patti game variation, alternate cards form the sequence. A player can form an odd sequence such as 9-J-K or 5-7-9.

28. High Wild

In High Wild, the player’s lowest card along with all other cards of the same value become the player’s jokers.

A modification of this variation allows a player to consider his lowest card a joker out of the 4 he has been dealt.

29. 4x Boot

4x Boot follows the traditional teen patti rules but with bigger winnings. The boot value is 4 times more meaning the pot can grow fast.

It is one of the most popular teen patti variations with high rollers who are not afraid to spend money in the hopes of making fast and big wins.

30. Banko

Banko is one of the simplest teen patti variations where each player takes turn to play a game alone. The player puts in the pre-agreed amount of money into the pot and is dealt 2 face-up cards. The player will then bet that the next number is there or not.

If their bet is correct, they stay in the game, if it’s not, they are out. The game continues until the last player is found and wins the pot.

31. Kiss-Miss-Bliss

This is one of the teen patti variations that offers the player both the seen and blind options of gameplay. The players are dealt 5 cards and are required to pair two best cards to create a joker card. The three jokers are;

  • Kiss- has two consecutive numbers, for instance, 2 and 3
  • Miss- a pair that misses a number in the sequence, for instance 8 and 10
  • Bliss- has the same numbers, for instance, K and K

A player can only form one joker per round one of the remaining cards should be discarded for a normal game to begin. If a player can’t form a joker, they will have to discard 2 cards.

32. Kissing-Missing

It is similar to Kiss-Miss-Bliss, but the player is dealt 4 cards where they’ll pick two cards to make either a kiss or a miss joker card.

  • Kiss- a pair of numbers with the same value 6 and 6
  • Miss- a pair of numbers in a sequence, for instance 6 and 8

If a player can’t make a joker, they must discard one card to remain with three game cards for a normal teen patti game.

33. In-Out

It’s one of the popular teen patti variations where a dealer deals each player 3 cards and places 3 more cards face-up on the table. The table cards become joker cards for all players. They then take turns to choose whether they are ‘in’ or ‘out’. If a player wishes to continue playing, they are ‘in’ and they have to place an additional bet. If they wish to fold, they are ‘out’.

The cards of the player who folds replace the previous joker cards. If there is more than one player that is ‘in’, a comparison of the cards takes place with the best hand winning the game.

Each loser pays the same amount of money in the pot and the winner takes it all. In-Out is one of the teen patti variations where a winner can take home some considerable winnings.

If only one player is ‘in’, they will play against the bank for the win. The dealer who could be the original individual or other participating players will pick 3 random cards out of the remaining deck. The cards are compared to the ‘in’ player’s cards and if the player has the highest hand, he takes home all the winnings.

If the dealer has a higher hand, the money stays on the table and another round begins.

34. Temperature

Some teen patti variations create more fun derivatives and Temperature is a classic example as it’s identical to the In-Out variation only with a slight change.

The players are each dealt 3 cards and 3 joker cards are placed on the table face-up. They indicate whether they are ‘in’ by raising their thumb up or ‘out’ by putting their thumb down. Once all players have indicated their stand, the dealer then draws out a “temperature card”.

If the temperature card is between A and 6, the lowest hand on the table wins. If the card falls between 7 and K, the highest hand on the table wins the game.

35. High-Low Split

High-Low Split is one of the teen patti variations that rewards both the highest and lowest hands equally. Players decide the number of rounds to play which generally ranges from 6 to 10.

There are two ways to play this variation, the first is ‘declaration’ where players must reveal verbally or by chips which hand they wish to contest for. The players who go for the same hand play against each other.

The second option is “cards speak” where players do not reveal verbally and can compete for both hands. Players are only allowed to fold after 3 rounds. After the pre-agreed rounds are over, high hand players compare their cards and the highest hand wins half the pot. All low hands compare theirs cards too and the lowest hand wins half the pot

It can also accommodate more players as compared to the traditional teen patti. Side-shows are not allowed.

36. Faceoff

Faceoff is one of the most popular teen patti variations among novices and experienced players alike due to the high probability of making a fast and quality hand. There are only 20 cards in play after eliminating all cards found between 2-9.

The A, 10, J, Q, and K are considered faceoff cards and a table can only accommodate up to 6 players. Apart from these simple tweaks, all teen patti rules remain the same.

37. Community

For players who prefer teen patti variations that provide fun options, the Community variation has two categories of gameplay which are 3 cards in play and 5 cards in play.

38. 3 Card Game

Each player is dealt with 2 face-down cards and 1 face-up card. The face-up card is also referred to as the community card. To create a hand, a player can only use 1 one of their face-down cards and 2 of the community cards on the table.

39. 5 Card Game

Here, each player is dealt with 2 face-down and 3 face-up cards. The face-up cards are also referred to as community cards. To create a hand, a player can only use one face-down card and two of their own face-up cards. The players do not share the community cards as in the 3 card game.

The dealer will also place 3 community cards on the table face up. After creating a hand, a player can replace their cards with the community cards placed on the table.

Community is among the teen patti variations that do not allow players to play either chaal or blind as they wouldin a traditional game.  

40. 1-2-3 Shopping

In this teen patti game variation each player is dealt 3 cards and then allowed 3 rounds of shopping. A player can shop for a new card in the first round by discarding a card and paying a counter. In the second round, a player can shop for two cards by paying 2 counters and first getting 1 card. After looking at all 4 cards, he can then discard a card of their choosing.

In the third round, a player can shop for 2 cards by paying 3 counters. After determining their 3 best cards, they can discard the remaining two cards. A player may choose not to participate in the shopping rounds. After completing the three rounds, a normal teen patti game can commence.

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