Interview with a Support Agent

One of our many factors that we take into account when rating online casinos are the customer support. If you have ever been playing casino and a technical error arises you know the importance of a helping hand. In this article we will interview a customer support advisor working at one of the major Indian casinos. Along the interview we will also take you through some useful information about the support.

Nice to meet you, tell us about yourself!

I am a 29 year old Maltese, working as a senior customer support advisor at one of the biggest online casinos in India. We are based in Malta which serves as the gaming hub of the world. 

What positions have you had before?

Previously I worked as a blackjack dealer at one of the land based casinos here in Malta. One year ago I started as a customer agent and then got recruited to the payments team as a payments agent. 5 months later I went back to support, but as as senior customer support advisor.

Which markets do you cover?

Since I speak English I work with our english markets. The markets I mainly operate are Canada, India and some Nordic countries. We operate 24/7 which means that I once a month need to work night shifts which is something you get used to.

Perks with 24/7 Customer Support

Considering the competitive industry that online casinos operate in it’s important for every casino to stand out. Having a customer support around the clock is also a quality stamp that really shows the commitment to their players. When visiting a land based casino you will always have access to staff to handle your enquiries and with online casinos it should in our book be the same.

Which Casinos have 24/7 Support in India?

So, if the quality of the customer support is an important factor in your book then you should deposit your money at a casino that offer customer support around the clock. These casinos have customer support around the clock:

What is your day to day like?

It’s a bit different from which shift I am working that day. I would imagine my day to day being the same as being a support agent in another industry. When I get to work I usually first grab a coffee at the coffee machine and then take a seat and start my computer.

As a senior support agent I am able to proceed payments along with giving out casino bonuses to players. That makes my day to day tasks much easier as it enables me to solve enquiries faster and easier.

How do I get a bonus?

There are a few factors being looked at when we give out bonuses. Without going too much into detail, receiving a casino bonus is all about how loyal you are as a customer. There is a reason why they are called loyalty bonuses. You will need to use your imagination what spells a loyal customer 🙂

So you are Maltese you say, what is it like working in Malta?

Quite hard to answer as I unfortunately don’t have any experience working elsewhere in the world. Without any experience I have to say it’s great. I live with my girlfriend in a village in the middle of the island and I go with car or bus to work everyday.

The offices are located in Sliema which is a bit crowded, mainly due to the casino industry. Getting parking can sometimes be frustrating in Sliema, especially in some seasons which sometimes makes taking the bus a better choice.

How to Contact the Customer Support

Reaching out to the Customer Support is in most online casinos very easy. As stated before, customer support is one of the aspects that we take into account when rating online casinos. Obviously, the support needs to be easily reachable for it to score well in that territory.

In order to minimize contacts most casinos have a FAQ section with frequent questions such as “How long does a withdrawal take” that gets asked a lot. Therefore it’s always a good idea to take a swing to the FAQ section to see if your questions have already been answered. You can reach the  customer support by email, live chat and phone.

What is the hardest enquiry you have received?

Well, when having worked in customer support for 2 years you have seen some shit. Responsible Gaming enquires can in some cases be special, it’s always sad seeing people that have lost most of their savings playing casino games. Even sadder, we can never pay back money that has been spent in the casino.

Angry customers are never exciting either, especially if they have lost money and they think we have cheated them. There have actually been players threatening some of the staff, luckily I have never been threatened myself.

Is there a button for you to stop wins from happening?

This is a myth created by I do not know who. There is no way for anyone in the online casino to stop wins from happening. All casino games are operated by the game providers and not the casinos themselves. The game providers also have third party companies focusing on mathematics and algorithms testing their games for 100% randomness.

Thank you very much for your time!

Thank you Ranjeet! I hope to come back one day 🙂