Weekly Live Casino Bonus at Genesis Casino

Every Friday at Genesis Casino you will get a Live Casino bonus if you have done a minimum total deposit of ₹4 000 in the casino between Monday to Thursday. 

The Friday bonus gives you a 25 % cashback on your Monday to Thursday deposits up to a maximum sum of ₹8 000. 

live casino bonus by genesis

How does the Weekly Live Casino Bonus work?

This is what you need to know about the Weekly Genesis Casino Bonus:

  • To enter you must do a minimum deposit of ₹4 000 total during the period of Monday to Thursday
  • The deposit does not need to be done in one deposit – it can be done in several different deposits, as long as they are done between Monday to Thursday
  • The bonus will be given as a 25 percent cashback on the total sum that you have deposited during Monday to Thursday
  • The maximum bonus sum given each Friday is ₹8 000
  • The bonus can only be used in the Live Casino section on selected games

Friday Bonus Payouts

Example 1: You do one deposit on Monday for ₹10 000. You do no other deposits during the entire week. On Friday you will get a ₹2 500 Weekly Bonus, because your deposited amount exceeds ₹4 000. 

Example 2: You deposit ₹2 000 on Monday, ₹1 000 on Tuesday and ₹1 000 on Thursday. On Friday you will get ₹1 000 in Weekly Bonus because you have deposited a total sum of ₹4 000 during Monday to Thursday. 

Example 3: You deposit ₹1 000 on Tuesday and ₹2 000 on Wednesday. On Friday you will not receive any bonus, because your total deposits during Monday to Thursday did not reach the minimum sum of ₹4 000. 

On what Live Casino games can the Weekly Bonus be used?

The Weekly Live Casino Bonus can only be used at a few selected Live Casino games. Every other game is excluded from the Weekly Bonus and can not be played with this. The Live Casino games that can be played with the Weekly Bonus are:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Dream Catcher

How long is the Weekly Bonus valid?

For now, the Weekly Bonus at Genesis Casino is valid as from today and forward. There is no ending date set up, which means that you can enjoy this bonus on every upcoming Friday for as long as Genesis Casino decides. 

When the weekend is over and a new week starts, all your previous bonus deposits will be history and your deposit sum will reset to ₹0. This means you will have to make a ₹4 000 minimum deposit every single week that you want to participate in the Weekly Live Casino Bonus. 

  • There is a new chance to participate in the Weekly Live Casino Bonus each week
  • You must do a ₹4 000 minimum deposit each week that you want to participate 
  • The deposit (or deposits) needs to be done between Monday and Thursday to be valid for the bonus
  • Every player that has an account at Genesis Casino can participate in the bonus
  • One can participate in the Weekly Live Casino Bonus for one week, occasionally, or every week
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