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When thinking about slots the first thing that comes to mind for most of us are the classic slots. You know, those one-armed bandits with three wheels, fruit symbols and that pinging, ringing sound that starts every time you win. These slots are a real nostalgia for many players, and no matter how many new and fancy video slots that are released – the classic slots never drops in popularity. This page is dedicated to those beloved online classic slots – and we will give you everything that you want to know about them. Actually, you will even be able to play classic slots right here at our page.

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What are online classic slots? 

Even though there can be some minor differences between classic slots, most of them also have a lot incommon. They always have 3 to 5 wheels – something that differs them from video slots which can have as many wheels as they like. Also, the classic slots tend to be very simple and easy played. Because of that, many beginners prefer classic slots online. 

The payouts on classic slots are usually in the lower regions. There are, however, some modern classic slots online that come with a progressive jackpot. 

Even though most classic slots are very basic, they still do attract many players. This is due to several reasons. The most solid reason usually is the lack of super designed graphics and complicated bonus features, which means that the player is allowed to focus only on the gambling – the very reason why the player is there. 

Features of classic slots 

As mentioned, classic slots always have 3 to 5 wheels. The number of paylines do differ between slots though. Most classic slots have just one or a few paylines, but there are some modern versions of the online classic slots that do have more paylines as well. 

RTP and betting options

As for other specifics, like betting options and RTP for classic slots, those numbers often change between slots. A normal RTP range for a classic slot is between 95-98 percent, but there are classic slots online with both higher as well as lower numbers. 

The betting options often start a bit lower than other slots and it is not unusual to find classic slots online that lets you bet from $0.05, instead of $0.1 or $0.25 which is more common among other slots. The betting cap varies but the online classic slots often have lower max bets than video slots. It’s not unusual to find classic slots with a $5 cap.

Bonus features

The functions and bonuses for classic slots are generally very basic. Some classic slots do just have one payline with winnings when landing three matching symbols in a row – nothing more, nothing less. That is the most hardcore version of classic slots, which has a lot in common with landbased classic slots. 

Many online classic slots do however have some sort of bonus feature nowadays. For instance, they can come with a wild symbol or scatters. Some modern classic slots also have other bonus features that otherwise generally are found in video slots. 

Cheats for classic slots

Another quite frequently asked question is if there are any cheats for classic slots, or if classic slots online can be hacked. For this question the answer is a solid no. There are no ways of beating the system when playing slots. It doesn’t matter if it’s video slots, classic slots or any other type of slots. They are all non-cheatable. The reason it is impossible to cheat on slots is because they all use a RNG to create random winnings. 

Promo codes for classic slots

A question that is asked a lot is if there are any classic slots promo codes, and the short answer to the question is no. There might be some classic slots promo codes online sometimes, but then there usually is some kind of campaign that lasts for a limited amount of time. Instead of searching for promo codes for online classic slots (since these are very hard to find), you can look for bonuses that include all slots in a casino. That way you can also play the classic slots with your bonus, which is sort of the same as using classic slots promo codes.

Classic slots design 

The design of classic slots is usually very simple and retro, and if there is something that players love it is retro stuff. Don’t believe us?! Just consider Starburst, one of the gaming world’s most popular slots, that has a retro arcade inspired look. Or try to think about Super Mario, Donkey Kong or GameBoy without feeling a pinch of nostalgia and an urgent need to play those games. It is the same with classic slots online. Those retro games really take us for a walk down memory lane. Even though most classic slots online have a simple design, they still are really good looking though. Also, there is something refreshing about knowing that not all slots need to be super advanced and modern to be appealing. The online classic slots get played even with a really basic design. And they do get played a lot

Classic slots VS video slots VS progressive slots 

As most of you already know, there can be huge differences between slots. For example, there is quite a long way from the three-reeled classic slots with 1 payline til the 6-reeled megaways slots with 117 649 paylines. The same thing goes with the design. When the classic slots mostly have a very basic and retro design, the video slots and progressive slots can come with fancy 3-D designs that are really advanced. 

Regarding the jackpots, all those three types of slots can have one. The difference is that the progressive one never stops growing. A progressive slot can have any layout, though. 

This is just a brief walkthrough of the basic differences, and you can read a lot more about all those types of slots – and a lot more – at Best Casino India’s slot page. We do recommend you to visit that page if you have any interest in slots – you won’t regret it.  

Pros and cons of the different types of slots

Pros vs Cons of:Classic SlotsVideo SlotsProgressive Slots
Cons– Very basic
– Few features
– Often lack of bonuses
– Can be complicated
– You often have to read about the slot to know what you get
– Has a low RTP
– Often needs big bets to win big
– Tend to have very high volatility
Pros– Easy to understand
– Perfect for beginners
– Lack of supervisuals lets you focus on playing
– Retro, yet appealing design
– What you see is what you get
– Also comes in modern versions 
– Gives you a real nostalgic trip
– Often lets you start with smaller bets than other slots
– Often nice designs
– Can have many features
– Comes in a lot of different themes and genres
– Do have very high jackpots
– Can come with nice graphics

Game providers with the best classic slots for Indian players 

There are some game providers that are extra good in this niche – and we will give you a short introduction to those. If you are curious about their online classic slots, these will be covered in the next heading.


There are few game developers that can compete with NetEnt, and considering their portfolio of well-made games and software that fact is not surprising at all. They have a very broad range of games which covers everything from classic slots to video slots to progressive slots. 


When comparing the number of games in the portfolio Microgaming definitely is among the top game providers. With more than 500 games, including video slots, classic slots, table games, scratch tickets and other games they sure have some alternatives to choose from. 

Red Tiger

The Swedish game provider Red Tiger is quite a young one, but has proven themselves to be one of the leading names in the gaming area. They have quite a great range of classic slots – many of those also come with modern features. 

How to get started with classic slots 

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  • Find a casino that has many developers who offer classic slots (like NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play, Stakelogic). Some casinos also categorize the games according to the type of slot (tip: LeoVegas). 
  • Open a gambling account 
  • Use the filter function to find the classic slots
  • Open the game and start to play

Tips to remember when playing classic slots

  • Watch your bankroll
  • Read the rules if needed (you’ll find them when opening the game)
  • Never play for more money than you can afford
  • Don’t forget that it’s possible to try the games for free 

Popular classic slots you can play online right now

Here are some of the most popular classic slots – which also happen to be some of our favourites – that you can easily play right now on our recommended casinos!

Twin Spin – NetEnt

Even though Twin Spin comes with 5 reels it still has a very classic approach regarding its design. You will immediately recognize the symbols of this slot – containing bells, cherries and diamonds. This 243 paylines slot lets you bet $0.25 til $125 per bet and has a max win of x1 080. Regarding the bonus features the slot has a wild, and also a feature that has given the slot its name – the Twin Spin. This feature locks two reels together each spin, and lets them land exactly the same set of symbols. 

Netent's Twin Spin classic slot game

Joker Pro – NetEnt

The Joker Pro slot is a more modern version of the classic slot. It comes with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 betways. Both its symbols as well as betting range is true to the original classic slots, with symbols like bells, horseshoes and rubys and a betting range between $0.01 and $1. The max win is a x1 000 and the features consist of wilds, sticky wilds and respins

Netent's Joker Pro Slot Screenshot

777 Strike – Red Tiger

This 5×3 classic inspired slot comes with 10 paylines and a very retro, yet appealing, design. It also has a really nice max win of x2 830. Minimum bet is $0.1 and max bet is $40. The slot also has quite a few features – 777 Strike can give you free spins, wilds, sticky wilds and a level up. 

Red Tiger's 777 strike slot game screenshot

Couch Potato – Microgaming

This is a rather funny looking classic 3×1 slot with 1 payline. It lets you bet from $0.05 til $5 and it has a decent max win of x1 500. Except for giving payouts already when landing 1 cherry, this game also has a wild which can help you get more winnings. 

Microgaming's classic slot couch potato screenshot

Cool Buck (Flash) – Microgaming

Cool buck Flash is a 3×1 slot with 5 paylines that is so popular that it actually got a sequel video slot with 5 reels in 2017. The betting range lets you bet from $0.25 til $5, and the maximum win is a nice 6 000 coins. You get payouts from 1 cherry and this classic slot also has a wild. 

Microgaming's cool buck classic slot game screenshot

Five Star – Red Tiger

Five Star is a classic looking 5×3 fruit slot with 3 betways and an impressive max win. This slot lets you bet from $0.2 til $10 each spin, and the cap win is a decent x10 000. It has a really nice feature which randomly repeats any wins with an added multiplier (up til 10x). 

Red Tiger's five star classic slot game screenshot

Double Wammy – Microgaming

This super classic slot comes with a 3×1 game and 1 payline. In this one you can see the paytable when playing, and the maximum win is 2 500 coins. The betting range is really small and goes from $0.25 til $5. 

Micrograming's double wammy classic slot

History of classic slots 

The classic slots have a story that started already on land. The first slot ever made where you actually could win money was invented in the end of the 19th century by a San Francisco man named Charles Fay.The slot was named Liberty Bell and it was a three-wheeled slot with symbols like horseshoes, diamonds, spades and hearts. The winning symbol was of course the Liberty Bell. The slot soon gained a lot of popularity and all kinds of slots started to spread real fast. 

Slots – a game that got restricted fast

At first the classic slots were everywhere – you could find them at the barbershops, bowling alleys, cigar shops etc. Soon they were only allowed at land based casinos though, due to the fact that it was a game of chance with money payouts. 

Internet casinos gave classic slots a huge comeback

In the late 90’s the internet casinos were introduced and suddenly the classic slots were available to everyone with an internet connection. Today there are a lot of super modern spin offs from the classic slots, but still the online classic slots are as popular as ever. 


Can I play classic slots for free?

Yes you can. Actually, you have the possibility to play classic slots for free in our guide. 

Can I play classic slots online on mobile?

Yes, many classic slots are available also when playing on mobile. We recommend plenty of mobile-optimized casinos here at BestCasinoIndia.

What are some promo codes for classic slots online?

If you are looking for promo codes for classic slots online they are actually very hard to find. Instead you can look for a cash bonus that lets you use it on any slot in the casino – which also includes the classic slots. 

Can you cheat on classic slots?

No, you can not cheat on classic slots online. The winnings are decided by a RNG (Random Number Generator) which means all winnings are completely random. 

Is video poker better than classic slots?

This is totally a question of preferences. For some players the answer for this question is yes – for others the answer is no. It depends on what you like.

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