Teen Patti Online Guide

Teen Patti Online is the virtual version of a popular Indian gambling card game that literally translates to “Three Cards” in English. It derives its name from the fact that each player is dealt three cards face down by the dealer in an anti-clockwise direction.

The game is best suited for 4 to 7 players. Before starting, the pool amount is pre-decided which would be the minimum stake placed by each player. This entire amount goes into the pot, i.e. the aggregate amount collected and placed at the centre of the table. The objective of Teen Patti is to stay in the game by winning completed hands, pocketing progressively increasing pot money.

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    Play Teen Patti With A Live Dealer

    This version of Teen Patti is where you play with a live dealer. The game is played with a 52 card deck which gets re-shuffled after each game round. When playing online with a dealer face-to-face, there are a few rules that differ from the traditional version. However, having played played both versions, I can assure that live teen patti has its edge.

    The Hand Rankings

    These are the teen patti hand rankings, ordered by hand value:

    1.Royal FlushAce, King and Queen of the same suit
    2.Straight FlushThree cards in sequence of the same suit.
    3.StraightThree cards in a sequence
    4.FlushThree cards of the same suit
    5.PairTwo cards of the same rank
    6.High CardHand with no other combination

    Game Outcomes

    These are the possible outcomes in live teen patti:

    Dealer does not qualify and you win1:1Push
    Dealer qualifies and you win1:11:1
    Dealer qualifies and you loseLoseLose
    Dealer qualifies and it's a tiePushPush
    Player foldsLose-


    Game Flow At The Table

    When entering an online Teen Patti table you will notice that there’s a few things that differ from the normal version of the game played at a local casino. The main difference is that you are playing against a dealer instead of other players. This is how the game flow works in 3 card Teen Patti:

    1. To enter the game round, place your ante.
    2. The dealer deals the player 3 face up cards, and the dealer gets 3 face down cards.
    3. After seeing your 3 cards, you can either choose to Fold or Bet. If you fold – you will end the round and lose your ante. If you bet – your total stake will be 2x your ante.
    4. If you are confident in your hand, choose Play (or bet). The dealer will then reveal his hand and whoever has the better hand will win the game.

    Side Bets

    When playing against a live dealer, you are allowed to make side bets. These kind of bets allow you to bet on certain outcomes of the game. If the outcome matches your side bet, you will win extra payouts. These are the side bets you can make in live dealer Teen Patti:

    • Pair or better – if you make this side bet and the player hand is a pair or better you will win the amount according to the payout table below.
    • 3+3 bonus – if you make this side bet, your objective is suddenly to create the best five-card poker hand by combining both your hand and the dealer hand. However, the 3+3 side bet only pays out when ‘Three of a kind’ or better are made up from the total 6 cards.

    Game Payouts

    BET                       PAYOUT
    Royal flush5:1
    Straight flush5:1
    Three of a kind4:1

    Teen Patti Online Game

    The immense popularity of Teen Patti (particularly in Delhi, India and during Diwali, the festival of lights) in its offline version has encouraged the setup of numerous virtual online versions. Today you can play Teen Patti online in real time whilst socializing with other players at the table.

    In spite of a virtual setup the stakes themselves are very real and progressively higher as one continues to play and win.

    The biggest impetus to the popularity of Teen Patti live version is the way they have replicated the look and feel of offline Teen Patti setups. Additionally, players get casino bonuses for signing up with online casinos. Using those bonuses, players start playing without placing real money stakes.

    The fact that Teen Patti Online, along with Andar Bahar Online and Jhandi Munda Online have their variants available on social media platforms like Facebook has further contributed to its popularity.


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    Teen Patti Rules

    The rules of Teen Patti are easy to understand. Since the game is quite similar to 3-card Poker and virtually identical to Three-Card Brag which is very popular in the UK, those well versed with these would have no problem grasping the rules of Teen Patti.

    First, you start off by having a standard 52-card deck, minus the Jokers. The dealer deals the cards one by one face down to the players until each player has three cards (the basic premise of “Teen Patti”). Once dealt, players have the option to either see their hands (play “Seen”) or without seeing (play “Blind”).

    Prior to this, it is essential to decide on the minimum stake of each hand. Once that is decided, each player contributes proportionately to the “pot”, i.e. the entire collection of money placed in the centre of the table.

    Before we proceed further with the rules of Teen Patti, remember that all this is standard and remains unchanged irrespective of whether you are playing online or offline.

    The Hands

    Now, with cards dealt and the entire pot amount with minimum stakes in place, it is time to play hands:

    • Colour – Also referred to as Flush, this refers to three cards belonging to the same suit which are otherwise not in sequence. The sequence A-K-J would form the highest sequence in this instance while 5-3-2 would be the lowest.
    • Trail – This is when you have three cards all of the exact same rank. In this instance, three aces would be ranked the highest while three 2s would rank the lowest.
    • Pair – Pair is when you have two cards of the exact same rank. When you have two pairs, the one with the higher value would be the obvious winner. Highest pairs possible are A-A-K while the lowest would be 2-2-3.
    • Straight Sequence – This is when you have three consecutive cards but not in the same suit.
    • Pure Sequence – This is when you have three consecutive cards which are in fact of the same suit. For instance, King, Queen, and Jack of Spades.
    • High Card – When cards do not fit into any of the possibilities described above. In this instance, we will again apply the Colour principle, ranking the three cards from Highest to Lowest, with A-K-J being best and 5-3-2 the lowest (or worst).

    One important Teen Patti rule to remember while playing ‘Seen’ or ‘Blind’ is that the former, i.e. ‘Seen’ players have to bet double the amount as ‘Blind’ players in order to remain in the game.

    Is Online Teen Patti Legal In India?

    The first thing to understand here is the grey area in which legalities fall in this space. While gambling in most forms, online or offline, is illegal in India, casino games of skill like Teen Patti fall into this grey area.

    The two laws of relevance here are:

    • An archaic law from 1867 (Public Gaming Act) which outlawed gambling in all forms.
    • The more recent Information Technology Act from 2000 which heavily regulates online activities of various kinds, including betting and gambling.

    Now, Section 12 of the above mentioned law from 1867 makes an exception to games of skill, with Online Teen Patti clearly being a game of skill.

    Therefore, one can deduce that Online Teen Patti is indeed legal in India.

    At the same time, the Information Technology Act of 2000 does regulate online monetary movement, especially for gambling purposes.

    Now, when you have a site like Genesis Casino for example, which has its servers abroad, it would not be governed by Indian laws.

    Therefore, while playing Online Teen Patti, when the website is hosted outside of India, it falls all the more within the purview of legality.

    At the same time, Indian online casinos that offer Online Teen Patti provide chips or coins to play with (which players purchase). This circumvents laws around direct monetary transactions.

    So, in conclusion, you can see that while the overall legal landscape around Online Teen Patti clearly is in a grey area, you can play without concerns over legality.

    How To Play Teen Patti

    Teen Patti is clearly a card game of skill, which you will only get better at with practice. While we have already touched upon the basic rules in previous sections, the primary points to note here are:

    • At the end of the round, when you have to show your cards. It is at this point you need to end up with the highest hand. If you do so, then you win the entire pot.
    • In the case where all players end up folding their cards, this means they no longer wish to contribute further to the pot, thus dropping out of the game and also giving up on money already contributed to the pot, it is the last remaining player who wins.

    Teen Patti Strategies

    Since Teen Patti is a game of skill, strategies that you adopt can play a big part in ensuring that you win.

    While by no means exhaustive, these are some strategies which you can incorporate into your game while playing Teen Patti:

    • Know the rules beforehand – Might seem obvious but you will be surprised by how many take a seat at a Teen Patti table with no clue about how to play! Whether you are playing with money or just for fun, the aim will (or at least should) always be to win. Knowing the rules in advance can spell the difference between winning and losing.
    • Practice with free chips – In the online context, it is better that you practice your skills with free chips. Once you are comfortable playing, then start playing with real money from your own bankroll.
    • Read your opponents – As with many other scenarios, Teen Patti is also quite the mind game. The better you get at reading your opponents (many expose their hand, simply through their emotions or facial expressions), the bigger chance you have of winning.
    •  Start slow – A fundamental strategy to incorporate into your Teen Patti game is to start slow. Don’t place high bets in the very beginning. Instead, start slow and let your bets “warm up” as the game progresses.

    The Different Hands

    The various possibilities of Hands in a game of Teen Patti, ordered by rank are as follows:

    • Trio – When you have three cards, all of the same rank. Three Aces would be the best case scenario while three twos would be the lowest.
    •  Straight run – This is when three continuous cards from one particular suit. The highest possible straight run in this scenario would be A-2-3, followed by A-K-Q, and so on.
    • Normal run – This is when you have three consecutive cards but not from the same suit. Again, A-2-3 would be the best option.
    • Colour – Herein, you simply match colours from the same suit. Highest would be A-K-J while lowest would be 5-3-2.
    • Pair – This is when you have two cards of the exact same rank. Highest would be A-A-K while lowest will be 2-2-3.
    • High Card – This is simply when things do not fit into any of the above. So you first compare the highest and then the other two. A-K-J in a mixed suits scenario would be best while the worst would be 5-3-2.

    Seen Player

    A seen player is simply one who has seen his or her cards before placing a bet. This is where the player will actually be playing a ‘Chaal’ (or ‘making a move’). The other option is to play a ‘Side Show’ where cards are compared with those of the previous player – a request which that player may either accept or deny.

    Stake amounts vary for seen players depending on the status of the previous player, whether a ‘Seen’ player or a ‘Blind’ one.

    Blind Player

    A blind Teen Patti player is one who has not seen his or her cards before placing a bet. Accordingly, the options available to play would be ‘Blind’, ‘Pack’ or ‘Show’. ‘Blind’ play mandates betting the bet money in the pot. You ‘Pack’ when a ‘Side Show’ request by a ‘Seen’ player is accepted and the previous player happens to have a better set of cards. ‘Show’ is when there is only one other player left in the game. This has to be a ‘Blind’ show.

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