Lightning Baccarat is Live!

Evolution Gaming expands their game portfolio by launching lightning baccarat in January 2020. The lightning franchise is an innovative and unique concept where you can score electrifying multipliers while playing your favorite table games. Lightning Baccarat is played with a live dealer that deals the cards to the player and banker area of the table. This nerve thrilling baccarat version adds new levels of drama to the traditional baccarat game. In other words, prepare for the best online baccarat experience. We will tell you everything you need to know below!

Play Lightning Baccarat Here

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Lightning Baccarat Game Flow

When the round starts, players have 15 seconds to place their bets. Once bets are accepted, lightning occurs and 1 to 5 random cards from a 52 card deck are selected as lightning cards. Once the cards are highlighted, they will be assigned a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x multiplier. This is where the magic and brilliance happens.

If the dealer draws a lightning card from the shoe and placed on your winning hand, your payout will be multiplied by the lightning multiplier applied to the card(s). When the lightning occurs, please take a moment to appreciate the phenomenal graphics and sound effects.

How much can you win in Lightning Baccarat?

When betting on player or banker, you can win up to 512x your bet. If betting on tie, you can win up to 262,144x your bet. This occurs when you are lucky enough to achieve multiple lightning cards as winning cards. For instance, if your selected bet spot is dealt a card with a 3x multiplier and another card with a 4x multiplier and you win the round, the payout will be multiplied with 12x (3×4).  

If you get 3 Lightning Cards with maximum multipliers (8x8x8) your winnings will be multiplied with 512x. The maximum payout in Lightning Baccarat is when you bet tie and win while banker and player have 6 matching Lightning Cards. If this occurs, you will win 262,144x your stake. 

Side Bets

When making side bets in, you are betting on that the player’s or banker’s 2 initial cards will be pairs. These are the side bets in Lightning Baccarat:

  • Player Pair – pays if the 2 initial cards dealt to the Player is a pair
  • Banker Pair  – pays if the 2 initial cards dealt to the Banker is a pair
The Return to Player (RTP) for side bets are 88,35%. Payout for side bets in Lightning Baccarat is 9:1.

Payout Table

Player1 - 512: 1
Banker1 - 512: 1
Tie5 - 1,310,720:1
P Pair9 - 576:1
B pair9 - 576:1

The Interface of Lightning Baccarat

Baccarat has been taken to a whole new level with this world-class game. Apart from the thrilling gameplay, you can enjoy an innovative and magnificent interface. When the round starts, players have 15 seconds to place their chips. While making the bets, you can see the bet amount on respective bet spot and how many players have placed bets in the respective bets. When the 15 second timer has expired, the lightning round starts.

The Mobile Gameplay 

Lightning Baccarat features tremendous user-friendly mobile gameplay. The game is fully optimized for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. For an even more immersive experience, we recommend tilting your device to landscape mode. The landscape interface shown in the image below is available in all screen sizes. When playing Lightning Baccarat on your smartphone, take a moment to appreciate the swift betting interface that changes through the different stages of the game round.

Multi-Game Play

Since this is a game created by Evolution Gaming, you will be able to play other table games meanwhile. This amazing function enables non-stop action in one browser window. To enter Multiplay-mode, press the +TABLE button in the bottom right corner. When pressed, you will enter the Evolution Lobby where the most popular live casino games are accessible.

Can I play Lightning Baccarat for free?

Since it’s a live casino game, it cannot be played completely free. However, online casinos will give you casino bonuses on signup. This includes a deposit bonus in which you can select a dedicated live casino bonus. In the casinos provided by us, you will be able to play Lightning Baccarat with your welcome bonus. As always, casino bonuses are subject to a wagering requirement.

If praying to lady of fortune is your style, you can rely on seizing bonus money from free spins. Side note on this strategy, in some online casinos, bonus money is only playable in the slot section of the casino.

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